Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nature Goes Cold Turkey One Week From Thanksgiving

It is so cold can go frozen turkey bowling. Now I have never tried this but it looks like it has some possibilities. We all might as well make the most of this cold pattern. Just be careful and if you do try it let me know how it goes and of course send some pictures in. Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago we got out the pumpkin shorts.

Origin: COLD TURKEY 1915–20, Americanism; prob. from the phrase to talk cold turkey to speak bluntly about something unpleasant, var. of to talk turkey;

The weather words of the day: TA
We have another arctic front that moved through the area last night and this one believe it or not is bringing down even colder air than we have seen since this cold pattern broke out last week. The arctic floodgates continue to be wide open due to a blocking high pressure over Greenland. In response to this the jet stream is being detour
ed right into our backyards. The snowpack continues to build up to our north without any trouble along like we discussed here on the blog yesterday and this in turn has sent us right into not just December but January levels when it comes to temperatures. Highs will struggle just to reach freezing on Friday with wind chills as low as the single digits. This will fire up the lake train of snow once again and we may have a few slick spots on area roads as this very cold air fluffs up some of those snowflakes. They should have no trouble adding up in this pattern. Here is the latest expected snowfall map.

Be extremely careful once again if you are heading into extreme northern Indiana. There could be some areas pounded with 6 to 10 inches of snow. I think the areas to watch in our viewing area will be northern Miami, Pulaski, and Fulton Counties with the potential for one to three inches. Most of the accumulations will be tonight and very early Friday. We will also watch for a few slick spots outlined in white above along with more black ice possible in the entire viewing area. A little snow can cause big problems this time of year with no road salt on area roadways. So even if you are not expecting a dusting of snow we all found out earlier this week that the roads can be slick with that transparent ice easily forming in these low temperatures.

I do have some good news for those that are not crazy like me and most of the bloggers on here that love this cold stuff. It could be a lot worse. Do you realize that Labrador and Eastern Quebec could be hit with not one but two blizzards between now and Sunday. They will have a cool 24 to 36 inches of snow on the way before all is said and done. So believe it or not we are not having the world's worst weather. Mount Washington, New Hampshire which is known to have the world's worst weather and is my old college hangout will have a high of 7 degrees today with wind chills near 40 below zero. Wind gusts will top 60 mph. It could be worse, a whole lot worse, or in my case a whole lot better. If that is not enough you have to realize that we have it easy here at home. Barrow, Alaska saw the sun set on Tuesday evening and they will not see it again until January 23rd. Yes November is our cloudiest month but it could be a whole lot darker! Do you feel better yet? GOOD! :)

Now I need to cheer up the snow hounds like Justin, Mary Anne, Kandy, and Teri. Yes, I am a meteorologist that likes to please everybody. Yes it is true we are missing not one but two blizzards in the next few days. Our chance of a blizzard this winter is about 10% and we should have at least two big snowstorms. You can see the breakdown of our winter storms here at home. We are more in a clipper pattern this year compared to last year's Texas Low and Colorado Low pattern that pounded us with storm after storm. It could be one of those winter's we receive most of our snow in just a couple big storms. My golden snow shovel is ready! By the way the average number of big snows a winter is two so we are right on target for plenty of excitement!

Blog Question of the Day: We will thaw out with our turkeys in time for Thanksgiving?
I have the latest models showing a southwest wind by turkey day which should help us out. More details on the way. Have a great day. I will check back soon!


Brow said...

Oh man, that is a nasty cold! I wish that I didn't have to go outside in this stuff.

LoL, turkey bowling does look like fun...try you-tubing some videos up on that. :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mike and bloggers! Man I have the "crud" that is going around. I am starting to feel human again today, thankfully. Yesterday I didnt care if the sun came up or not.

Those are beautiful sunset pics! No snow here yet, we are just west of that lake snow that has set up.

Later, bloggers,


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, look at all that blue on the radars!

Brow said...

Got a few flakes coming down right now in Monticello...need more please. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, nasty cold temps is right, The fire place, still feels nice, but it is time to crank up the furnace:(

Watching Mike on tv. he is talking about more black ice, and frost bite values!

All be careful out there in the morning!

Stay warm

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

Goodness gand, the temps have not even reached forcasted lows, and its freezing! Brow no snow here in Laf.

Anonymous said...

Justin are you checking out the radars????

Anonymous said...

Yep I'M watching!

Sorry everybody I have been having troble pulling up Mikes comments on the blog! So if I don't get back to you in a hurry it is just my PC :-(

Yes it was cold out there today! Really starting to feel like Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! :-)

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

that brisk clear air is awesome. I can,t wait until the ground is covered in snow, and the lakes are frozen

Anonymous said...

Having the same problem Justin, seems to clock and clock forever and nothing, I finally went to the forcast, it says more, click on that and it should take you to the blog.

I have been having this problem for a couple of days, also windows could have something to do with it, however I have no trouble getting on other sites, I dont think its your computer.

Anonymous said...

Starke County is in a Lake effect snow Advisory.

Boy I wish we lived up there!! :-)

I have been watching my radar and it is not looking like there is much going on around us here in Lafayette! :-( lol

Justin in Laf

Anonymous said...

Ya it seems to be working for now
lets keep it hush hush lol Don't want my Pc to stop! LOL.....


Anonymous said...

Starke County, is in the Lake effect snow advisory till 1:pm Friday!

They could see between 3 to 5 inches by the time it is over!

I wish that was us! :-)

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

I have family who lives in Benton Co. he said it was snowing pretty good for a while!

Anonymous said...

Well the noise hairs and snot are a freezen