Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunny Monday Gives Way to A Soggy Week

We have all been waiting for the big change or payback time in our forecast and it is here. We followed up yesterday's bone-chilling high of 37 with temperatures barely reaching 40. Our warm spot was 41 in Crawfordsville. Are you kidding me? No. At least we had great bowling weather this past weekend. I will have to post some bowling pictures I took for you. Nature will briefly warm us up closer to 60 by late week but it looks like for the most part the chilly and unsettled pattern we saw come in last week is here to stay. I will check back, in the meantime here in your forecast paragraph everybody has been asking for. I appreciate your patience while we basically build our web-site from scratch. By time we are done we will all be relieved.

Forecast Focus: Here comes the rain again and eventually snow. It will be a very busy week. Get out the umbrellas and keep the coats handy.

Tonight: Expect partly cloudy skies with lows of 26 with a light wind.

If you are going to any Veterans' Day ceremonies you will want to take your umbrellas with you. Clouds will thicken with afternoon rain showers developing. The heavier rain should hold off until after 4 p.m. High temperatures will struggle into the middle 40s with an east to southeast wind at 8 to 16 mph.

Extended Forecast: We will have a soggy week with a swarm of low pressures on the way. Count them three lows in the next 4 days! Once the rain moves in on Tuesday it is here to stay through early Friday. Then expect falling temperatures with snow showers Friday night into the first part of the weekend. There will not be snow to sled on yet, but if this pattern holds up it may be here sooner than you think. Make sure to stay tuned and I will have more on this here on the weather blog this evening and week.

Mary Anne please send some soup! It is cold!! We need a beautiful weather picture to share to keep our glass half full and you see it below.

Thank you Stuart White. Now that is a beautiful Benton County sunrise. We may not see much in the way of sun until later next weekend and early next week, but at least we have this nice bright picture we can fall back on! Stay warm and positive. This is just the tip of the ice berg and the beginning of a wild weather ride. I will explain why here on the blog tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Mike, after reading your post, I just dug out the cold weather rain gear!

Is a cold night indeed, the fire in the fire place feels wonderful, I still dont want to turn up the furnace, when I came home from work it was only 62 in the house, guess its time:(((

All keep cozy and warm,

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

I currently have 31.6* outside I love this cold weather!!!! It is nice to be cold then hot for a change!! :-)

Today was a great day to rake some leaves.....I got the back yard done now just have to do the front :-) Might just have to get out early to do the front tomorrow!! Don't want to get wet unless it is snow then I don't mind!! In which case it would be scooping I guess!!!!! Oh well it don't

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

I just took the trash out, could see my breath, the nose hairs are not at the freezing point as of yet, getting close though LOL!
My weather station shows a temp of 28*.

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

Boy TX is getting hit hard right now, all is moving our way, they are getting sevear weather

Anonymous said...

LOL Teri :-).....

I don't know to go YUCK or LAUGH!!
:-) lol.....

It is cold my temperature is still falling!! YES!!

Justin in Lafafyette

Anonymous said...

I remember Brow saying that last spring, (the nose hair comment) He is too funny! Could be worse, a frozen mushtach LOL!

I am not happy about the cold, nor the rain, That's a YUCK to me. However I do love heavy snowfall, and the worst of all, ice storms, as long as I dont lose power, and DO NOT HAVE TO DRIVE Nor anyone else for that matter.