Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Finally Picks Up Here In West Lafayette

A special thanks to Lee Ann for keeping the blog going. She would be a great blogger! I am very lucky to have Lee Ann and Kelly on my weather team and things are picking up here at the station. The WLFI SNOW MODEL UPDATE...AS OF 1 A.M. It is showing a healthy 9" of snow over us. Speaking of is your updated forecast. I noticed a lot of folks have written this storm off, but I am sticking with some hefty totals.

The dry slot has finally moved to our east and Lee Ann and I are ready to go measure snow! The latest timeline for you looks like this.

Talk to you soon! Our Doppler is really starting to light up! I am going to check for lightning and get back to you. This storm is really starting to intensify! I will check back shortly....


Tammy F. said...

I appreciate the regular updates. As someone up working late with no access to the TV, I appreciate the updates. It is snowing here, about an inch on the ground so far. Lots of wind.

Anonymous said...

Snow is coming down pretty heavily in Frankfort now. not much accumulation yet.. but, its finally here!

BW said...

We live almost dead center between Lafayette & Kokomo on SR 26. The snow is blowing, but not more than an inch has fallen here. Except for gusts of wind, the weather is quiet right now.

Anonymous said...

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