Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lee Ann Takes Over...for one post only :)

Hello everyone out there! What a CRAZY week we have had here. Kelly has been staying late and Mike and I have been coming in early to learn our new system. It has been stressful trying to learn something new and great for our viewers in only 1 week! Hopefully it will be a seamless transition and I know you all will love the new look. Today has been the WORST! Kelly needed some help in the morning so I got here at 7 am and I am still here at midnight!

Ok enough of the AMAZING weather system :) On to the weather and the blog. I really appreciate Mike taking the time to do this for you all. He comes in earlier than required and usually stays late to update and post things for you to read. Alot of the things he posts are the newest information that he can get. We love that you all take the time out and read this and post replys. The funny posts make us laugh and will help keep us awake tonight. We will have LOTS of snow measuring to do.

Our forecast from earlier in the day is not off by as much as some think. Earlier we said there would be some snow in the evening and the heavy stuff would be after 10 PM. Well...ok off by a couple hours, but you'll have that. Everyone was off...the NWS, Indy, Ft Wayne. It still looks like we will get lots of snow. Maybe a couple inches less than originally expected.

The latest info from our new in-house model shows about 3 inches less than earlier. The reason it is changing so much is because it is a smaller and of slightly less quality than the NWS models. The NWS models are even changing a bit from earlier. After looking at ALL the data, I PROMISE we will get snow. There are 3 things that almost guarentee it.
1. The low is in Arkansas....yes it isn't even here yet. This means it will be snowing from now until the time the low FINALLY gets here. As we all's slow :)
2. The snow moving in is getting heavier. There is ALOT of moisture being pulled up from the Gulf and it is going right to the center of the storm.
3. Live Doppler 18 is ALL green - Our doppler is weaker than most radars...espically the NWS radar. For our doppler to pick up any snow it HAS to be heavy.

Ok I am turing the blog back to Mike :) He went to get some food so I better go before he catches me ;)

*~Lee Ann~*


Anonymous said...

The B team out here at Eli Lilly would like to say thanks to all of you for all you do. We are up all night also. We keep your blog up on the screen to reference all night as to what is going on. Great Job !

Anonymous said...

i have a question on how snow warning work!! i live in benton county and we are on a Level 2 Warning- Only Essential Travel. what does this mean?? can you travel can you not?? anyway each county is different and it would be nice to know because we have to travel to work in the morning and if there is a snow emergency then we don't have to be there!! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good evening/morning wlfi team! Finally getting some snow up in Brookston. Not much at all yet, but it sure is windy and cold out there. I'm disappointed the snow forecast has dropped, but what are ya gonna do? If it was totally predictable the weather would be boring, right? Anyway, I'm now afraid I've stayed up way too late and will have to get up and go to work after all tomorrow. Have fun tonight Mike and the rest of the team, and thanks for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps leaving comments on this blog should be for regestered users only in the future. It is obvious that many don't appreciate the hard work weatherteam 18 is providing but don't drag that attitude into this blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the weather blog! It's great to have weather info at this time of night/morning. Here at Grasshopper's LawnCare Service we are gearing up to plow snow. Your time line helps us to establish our snow routes and schedules. Snow removal can be very stressful there are a lot people counting on us to get our timing right, and you guys realy help. Thank for your late night work!

Anonymous said...

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