Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Will Bare its Fangs By Late Week & The Weekend

The clean-up from record flooding continues around many parts of the area and it is a good thing nature has shown a little mercy on us with a nice January lull taking place. But it doesn't last too long this time of year. The latest long-range ensembles or forecast maps continue to show a punishing air mass on the way with sub-zero weather likely this weekend. Highs may struggle to reach double digits or 10 degrees by Saturday. Wind chills will be well below zero with wind chill advisories likely. This could cause some school delays early next week, because this will certainly be frostbite weather. We have an unusual set-up in the atmosphere with a negative East Pacific Oscillation taking place. In other words, record highs will be possible in Alaska and all of their brutal cold air they normally have will pour into the United States. This brual shot of cold air will last about 3 to 5 days here in the Midwest.

It will be so cold that any major snowstorms should be detoured well south of Lafayette at least until early next week. But we will have to watch things more closely for a big snow by the middle and end of next week. I would be surprised if we did not get a snowstorm of at least 4 to 6 inches by the end of the January.

I am heading to Madision, Wisconsin for a very important weather seminar this week, so you will not see me on television. But don't worry I will check in with you from time to time here on the blog and be back next week. There is a very good reason I am going on this trip. It is the most excited I have been for the Lafayette viewing area since we got Live Doppler 18 back in 2000. I cannot let the cat out of the bag at this point, but I can tell you that come February you will be able to see the weather from where you live like never before, just in time for our ice storm and busy severe weather season. I am very fortunate to get this opportunity and will make the most of it. This is the least I can do for all of our wonderful loyal viewers. Have a great week and take care of Kelly, Lee Ann, and Steve while I am out and most of all keep the big storms away! We may have a couple inches of snow on Friday and please bundle up!


Anonymous said...

WHAT??? ICE STORM???? MIKE!! Rinse out your mouth with soap! We can't take any more severe wx of any kind! I know, I know....not your fault. then, you get back here at the helm, miste! We miss you when you are gone :-)

Mary Anne in Remington (still cleaning up)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, This is Michelle! I had sooooo much fun doing the ON-Demand weather spot with you last Friday, I had a BLAST! If you ever need me to help you again, I would do it in a heartbeat!!! We do miss you when you are gone, but I am so happy that you get to experience these new weather toys!!
Hope you have TONS of fun!!!
Your Weather Pal always!
Michelle (-:

Pamela said...

Hi Mike,
I have had a question on my mind for a while. When I was on my way back from lunch awhile ago it was sunny and snowing. Can we get a rainbow (or should I say snowbow)from sun and snow, or are the flakes not dense enough to diffuse the light?

Pam (from the library)