Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Snowy Start Puts Us 15 Inches Ahead of Last Year's Pace!

Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette, Indiana

We are waking up to another winter wonderland this morning. Here is how it looked at Happy Hollow this morning. It was nice and bright with the new snowpack. Most areas have received between one and two inches of snow. The wind has actually kicked up some snow drifts in spots across the area close to one foot near Kentland. This goes to show you that even an inch or two of snow is cause for concern when it is windy in Indiana! Here are a few totals around the area.

Mary Anne in Remington had 1.5" and Randy in Frankfort reported an inch of snow. What was interesting was the snowfall ratios were 20 to 1 in many areas which means we had twice the amount of snow to liquid we normally have when it is melted down. In Kokomo they had .05" of liquid which normally would have brought them a half-inch of snow. Instead, Kokomo had an inch of snow. This was a light fluffy Colorado snow that was full of air or in this case lots of cold air!

This may have been a light snow event but it brought up our seasonal snow totals even more. We are running a good 6 to 8 inches above average across much of the area and what a difference a year makes as you can see below. Last year we were wondering if winter would ever get here. Then came February and all doubts were erased with the big blizzard.

This year, we have had almost 19 inches of snow and counting in Lafayette. Remember we only average 22.4 inches of snow for an entire season and we have already almost reached that threshold with still a good 2 months left in our winter season. Tonight you will have to tune in to find out about even more snow in the forecast both tomorrow night and Friday night. Will we get our seasonal average before the end of the week? I will have your answer. We also have something to howl about with the full wolf moon on the way tonight and good viewing conditions expected. Here is another classic wolf picture from Wolf Park sent in by Monty Sloan.

Tonight we will have a full wolf moonrise at 6:10 p.m. Look to the east and make sure to bundle up. The wolves will have great howling weather!

Our weather blog question of the day: What has been the bright object in the sky closest to the moon over the past few nights? You can see it in the picture in the upper right hand side. Do you give up?

Well, it is Mars and luckily the one and only Paul Hadfield captured this in Decatur, Illinois for us. A big thanks to Paul and of course to Monty above. Enjoy the pictures and check back on the blog tomorrow and we will talk about the dog days of winter and why there is hope for warmer weather lovers!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy the pictures taken at Wolf Park. I knew it existed but have never been there. Amazing that wolves live so close to us.

Thanks, Monty!
Mary Anne in Remington