Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! We Ring in 2008 With Blustery & Cold Conditions!

I am just getting home and it is certainly cold! The car doors were iced shut and the roads are slick. The big story is that we are dodging most of the snow in our viewing area. But keep in mind Pulaski, Fulton and northern Miami Counties will still see 3 to 6 inches of snow. The rest of us will only see an inch or two of snow at the most.

The storm track changed rapidly and all the upper-level dynamics needed for a snowstorm went north of us as a result. Plenty can go wrong when forecasting snow in Indiana. One interesting note is that this storm literally popped up out of nowhere on the models yesterday morning. Usually we can see snowstorms at least a couple days in advance. So is it really surprising that we had so little snow? Not really. It would have been shocking if the models had been showing it for a few days ahead of this event which they usually do. In fact, I can usually sniff out a big snowstorm a good week or more in advance. The current pattern we were in just did not really scream of a big snow potential for us. I still like our chances of big snow or ice storms as we head into February and March when the pattern flips back.

We may have dodged the snow but not the extreme cold blast moving in. Wind chills will fall to below zero this evening. Bundle up! Watch out for black ice and slick spots as all of that water from the rain and snow freezes. Keep two hands on the steering wheel with expected wind gusts near 40 mph through the rest of our New Year's Day. It will be a great day to stay in and watch lots of good football. Happy New Year! Thanks for making 2007 so special and I look forward to a great 2008 weatherwise and otherwise!


Anonymous said...

We just got in here in Buffalo and we already have 4inches

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all! Here in beautiful downtown Remington we have 4 inches of wet snow that is clinging to everything AND blowing around, I just heard I-65 is closed (prob due to wrecks AND we cancelled a Christmas gathering. No sense in getting out in this!