Monday, January 21, 2008

Great To Be Back From Madison, Now I am Ready to Wrestle With Gators!

It is always so much fun traveling to different weather conferences or weather training seminars. Most people would love to go to a warm place like Orlando or Las Vegas. But I love cold and snowy places so it is a good thing I was sent to Madison, Wisconsin last week where wind chills hit 30 below zero. I even got a nice 4 inch snowstorm. So the last two times I have been to Wisconsin I have seen a foot of snow. Not too shabby! You can see our TV-18 truck in the above picture covered in snow. Its four-wheel drive came in quite handy.

It is always an honor to represent Lafayette, Indiana. Most folks are not quite sure where Lafayette is when I meet them and sometimes I am even asked if there is alligator wrestling here, since they are thinking of Lafayette, Louisiana. This is too funny! But by the end of the conference everybody knows about Lafayette, Indiana and what a great place it is not only to live but how great of a place it is for wild weather. Sometimes it feels like I am wrestling a 200 pound gator with our crazy weather but with this new weather computer we are about to get, I say bring it on! I am ready for gators and anything else nature throws at us. High school football coaches, softball, and baseball leagues will really be excited about us being able to finally show lightning strikes around the area and for those that like detail, I will literally be able to fly into your neighborhoods. You will not only be able to make out your streets, but your homes. The more we can see, the safer we will all be! So our weather team will be quite busy the next few weeks putting this all together and getting it on the air in February. I will do my best to give you updates here on the blog. It is certainly good to be home and back at work.

I got to meet some great folks around the country, which included Rachelle and Jim from Austin, Texas in the above picture. Notice Jim still has a tan he got last week while in Mexico where temperatures were in the 80s. I was worried about them but they survived over a 100 degree drop in less than a week. Jim saw his heaviest snow in 20 years because Austin, Texas only sees about a trace of snow every other year. This makes me appreciate our snow and cold that much more. I cannot imagine waiting for more than a year to see snow. Speaking of snow, tonight we can get ready for a quick inch of snow so be careful of a few slick spots by morning so be careful

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YAY!!!! Welcome back :--)

MAB (your wx bud in Remington)