Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking & Feeling Like Alaska As Wind Chills Plunge to -16

Greta the Goose in Remington

Wow! This weather takes your breath away. As of noon wind chills across the area were still between 5 and 10 below zero. This morning we did not set any record lows but our wind chill made it feel like we did as it plummeted to -16. The actual record low for this date is -15 for Lafayette set back in 1968. Tonight, actual temperatures will fall below zero it looks like throughout the area. Keep the pets in and stay warm and make sure to protect the pipes by letting those faucets drip! Francesville hit 4 below zero this morning and they may see temperatures as low as 8 below zero by Wednesday morning. Lafayette will be closer to 2 below zero. One of the key factors will be snow cover. The heavier snowpack in the northern part of our viewing area will allow the earth to radiate its energy out to space more efficiently causing our lowest temperatures to be in our northern counties. Here is the latest snow cover map.

Areas shaded in white have between 4 and 6 inches of snow and will bottom out close to 5 below zero. Areas in the pink will be closer to 8 below zero with a snowpack that is between 6 and 8 inches of snow. Areas to the south of the white and pink shaded areas have between 1 and 3 inches of snow and will bottom out close to 2 below zero, which includes Lafayette, Attica, Frankfort, and Kokomo. Please be careful this is dangerously cold weather or what I call frostbite weather. Greta the Goose in the above picture may be buried in snow up in Remington, but this weekend here is what Greta the Goose will look like.

This is Greta the Goose without the snow! Greta will be able to show off her Purdue cheerleading outfit and boiler up with warmer highs in the 40s back in the forecast by Saturday with plenty of melting snow. This will be a dramatic change and it could not come soon enough. Here were today's high temperatures and notice it was colder here at home than portions of Alaska!

Today's Highs:

Lafayette, Indiana 13 degrees
Anchorage, Alaska 24 degrees
Juneau, Alaska 41 degrees

It is hard to believe we were about 30 degrees warmer than Alaska. Actually if you walked outside you would believe it! Hang in there we have golf weather on the way by next week with even thunderstorms back in the forecast. I will have more on this January thaw tonight on the news and during the week here on the blog. Have a great day and keep on moving! You have to in this weather.

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