Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday BJ! The Dog Days of Winter Are Upon Us

It has been a big week in the Prangley household. You can see our family pet BJ above. He is a Coton de Tulear from Madagascar and was born in Czechoslavakia. Yes, this is true! He celebrated his first birthday in style. This dog has traveled the world and he has been to more countries than I have. He luckily likes his dog treats much better than cookie cakes. You can see above how he sat there like a good boy while we sang to him. I think he sat so still because he was terrified of my singing. Look at that priceless expression. I tried to throw in some cha-cha-cha's to make him more at ease but it did not work. You think Snoopy has an attitude, you need to meet BJ. He is one of a kind and he fits into our crazy household quite well you can say. This is a good reminder that winter's version of the dog days are officially here. You can see our coldest weeks of the year above. This week you might as well be in a refrigerator with average temperatures in Lafayette only making it to 22.5 degrees. The icing on the cake is that we have now made it through our two coldest weeks of the year. The bad news is that the dog days last through much of February. The wolves can verify this. Take a look at this incredible scene last night sent in by Monty Sloan from Wolf Park!

This is Tristan the Wolf howling at the full moon. Notice the only clouds in the sky were wolf condensation clouds created by Tristan's breath. Tonight, we will be able to see our breath without any trouble once again and we can even make a cloud with a cup of boiling water. I will tell you all about this here on the blog today so make sure to check back. I will tell you how low we will go and how much more snow is on the way tonight and Friday night. Have a great day and do not forget our average high temperature goes up one degree today to a balmy 32! Even though we will not be close to that make sure to keep those positive thoughts.

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Karin said...

Hi Mike,
BJ look like a great Dog, take good care of him