Thursday, January 24, 2008

Colder than Iceland Today & Soaring Eagles & Temperatures this Weekend

Courtesy of Richard Beedle

This is the time of year eagles fly south from the frozen lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin looking for food. You can see one of many eagle sightings that have taken place on the Wabash this week. Richard has added to our marvelous collection of pictures this week. The eagle is swooping down in this picture just like our temperatures today. Make sure to bundle up as frostbite will be possible in as little as 30 minutes. It will be so cold that your hot chocolate can freeze in just under 60 minutes this morning if you leave it outside. That is another reminder that this arctic blast needs to be taken seriously. We all remember how miserable it felt this weekend with the first arctic blast, but this one looks to be stronger due to lower wind chills.

So brace yourselves for the coldest weather of the year. Today is not just unusually cold for Lafayette but for places like Iceland. We should be about 25 degrees colder today than the island nation of Iceland. Now that is ridiculous! But do not stop reading because I have a big warm-up on the way and our temperatures will be like soaring eagles by the weekend. It will feel like a heat wave so make sure to tune in and I will post a nice graph for you this evening. We certainly will not have to worry about our hot chocolate freezing again. In the meantime, keep those warm thoughts! Here let me help you or at least Jim and Lisa will!


The attached picture was taken from the town of Lahaina Hawaii on the island of Maui. This is a sunset over Lahaina Harbor looking toward the island of Lanai. My wife and I recently visited the Hawaiian islands in celebration of our 25th anniversary. I took this picture on 10/5/07 just before sunset.

Thanks very much,
Jim & Lisa Zimmerman

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~SURF~ said...

Yo Mike... AWESOME info!! My doorlocks are already frozen. :-) I check in here an read your stuff time-to-time, and its really cool to have such an abundance of info for whats going on.
Keep up the good work. And bring us something warm soon p,p,p,pleeeeeease... :-)
Much thanks!