Friday, February 1, 2008

Tracking Heavy Cells of Snow! Thunder May Be Next

Our Precision Lightning Tracker is now tracking heavier cells of snow moving in Montgomery County. This is something we do with heavier Spring showers that sometimes build into thunderstorms. Even though we do not have warm, tropical air to lift the air in the atmosphere like we see in the summer, our atmosphere can have a ton of rising air when strong storm systems move our way. All you need is a very intense storm system and lots of upper-level dynamics like we are seeing out there right now. These cells will move into Tippecanoe and Clinton Counties in the next hour causing moderate to heavy snow to develop and with the low pressure really starting to wind up we will have to listen for thunder. We will continue to monitor the lightning situation for you. There have been no bolts yet, but this could very well change. I will have snowfall amounts coming your way soon! The excitement is building.

By the way, the corn bread my wife brought in tastes extra good with heavier snow. I may heat up macaroni and cheese shortly. Julie's chili I had earlier was outstanding. I am lucky to have her. She not only fed me but most of our evening staff. Food, snow, and good company go hand and hand, and our weather team is having a great time keeping you informed. I may need some gatorade now to stay hydrated here in the studio with 6% relative humidity.

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