Monday, February 11, 2008

Dry Air Will Keep Lafayette Snow Amounts on the Lighter Side

I know you may be surprised you have not heard from me all weekend and most of today, but this is because I have been very skeptical of this approaching snow-maker. You just have to look at the dewpoint here in the middle afternoon and that should put up some warning flags for all snow-lovers. Right now the dewpoint is 5 below zero. The air is desert dry! You couple this with a weak system moving our way and you can go from some areas of Indiana having 5 inches of snow to just an inch in quite a hurry. There will likely be a sharp cut-off in snow amounts. If you live in Crawfordsville, FRANKFORT..yes you Randy and Chris, and Kokomo you have the better chance of seeing more significant snow out of this system.

I just drew in some snow contours across our area and I will need to wait to take a look at the WLFI and new Precision model we have at TV-18 before making my final call. I will check back with you shortly.

Could there be school delays tomorrow? Yes. How about closings? Probably not. Here are a couple more stats for you while you wait...

Chance of light snow for Lafayette at 3 a.m 66%
Chance of moderate to heavy snow in Lafayette at 3 a.m. 0.8%

Chance of light snow for Lafayette at 6 a.m. 82%
Chance of moderate to heavy snow in Lafayette at 6 a.m. 29%

Highest Snow Amount Possible In Lafayette: 5.8"
Lowest Snow Amount Possible in Lafayette : 1.2"
Average Forecast Amount of Snow for Lafayette in Models Looked at So Far: 3.6"
General Trend in Models: Steady
Confidence in Models: Fair



Anonymous said...

Only because we know ALL snow melts, sometimes too fast, we here in Remington will take that 1-3 inches please!!!

Waiting and watching :-)
Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. I was watching Weather Channel and also marveled at the dew point and wondered where the snow was to come from without evaporating on the way down. Of course they sprayed the streets anyway. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

wHat Up Mike PrANGleY>?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Missed you Mike, I dont blame you for not wanting to give expected snow amounts, with all the nasty bloogs. Only mother nature will tell, however you are always up on the latest, I and many listen and heed your warnings. You are the best. Forget the last snow storm. We did indeed get a fair amount of snow, you are always looking out for us, we THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's snowing in Laf. the roads are a bit silk, and boy is it cold, wind is blowing as well. The snow sounds like sleet hitting my window!

Anonymous said...

correction, the roads are a bit slick

Anonymous said...
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