Monday, February 4, 2008

Thunder Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain, & Dense Fog A Sign of Things to Come

Nature Throws Lafayette in the Soup

Just when you thought you have seen it all, nature comes up with even more tricks up its sleeve. This morning's school delays were caused by near 0 visibility in much of the area. This came on the heels of thunder and lightning reported with heavy snow, sleet, and freezing rain late last night across portions of White and Jasper Counties. We had a vigorous upper-level disturbance and a ton of mild air collide with our much colder lower-levels. This huge temperature contrast brought steep lapse rates and rapidly rising air bringing thunder to the area. Some sleet and snow accumulations were close to an inch to the north of Tippecanoe County before the change-over to all rain. This is a sign of things to come across the area this week. Make sure to tune in tonight for the latest on why strong thunderstorms are back in the forecast and who could be up near 60 degrees on Tuesday before colder air and chances of snow move back in. We will have to keep an eye on flooding once again with rain amounts likely exceeding one inch.

Speaking of big flips....on a more positive note, this weekend was absolutely terrific. I went on the road with my family to Greenwood to cheer on the Lafayette Area Gymnastics Club and they did a terrific job as usual. There were also some other very impressive teams from around the state including the Kokomo Flipsters. If you have never been to a gymnastics meet you are really missing a lot.

WLFI Bowling for Junior Achievement

It was also a big bowling weekend. Our WLFI team was one of several teams that helped raise close to 20,000 dollars for Junior Achievement. Jan Koehler did a great job organizing this event. Now for the scores...Michelle and her husband David Kidder led the way. David had a 276 and Michelle with a 209. Sue Scott had a strong finish with a 174, while Kelly Crull of Sports Team 18 had a nice 194! I had some issues but the good news is I got some much needed help from Megan, Kirsten, and Abbey you see pictured below. They really need to form a bowling team at Mayflower Mill.

It was also a Groundhog Day to remember and the card my wife got me was absolutely actually sings the tune, " I got you Babe" when you open it. As far as the restaurant goes for our big date....well the gymnastics meet ran over 5 hours! So we went to plan B and took the girls out to Denny's. We did not really get to eat anything until past midnight. At least we had great company and that is all that really matters. I told her I will take her to a nice place when things settle down...which at this rate may be years! :)
Have a great day and I will see you soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy Valentine's Day with your sweetheart(s)! Your girls are little dolls and I am sure your wife is, too. You love them so very much, that is easy to see.

I KNEW when the winter forecast was for above normal temps we were in for a winter like this, didn't know it would be every other day, though! Radar is lighting up like a Christmas tree to the south and west....stay safe everyone!

Mary Anne in Remington