Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alberta Clipper Ready to Add to Our Big Seasonal Snowfall

Our weather team wasn't kidding when we told you it would be cold today. At noon wind chills were still at one below zero here in West Lafayette. Now all eyes are on a clipper moving our way. The latest model runs are as follows:

Liquid Equivalent:
Model #1 .08"
Model #2 .10"
WLFI Model .10"

Normall this would be an inch or less of snow....but it is so cold out that the "fluff" factor is in place. Our liquid to snowfall ratio will be closer to 20 to 1 instead of 10 to 1.....as a result some areas could see 1 to 2 inches of snow tonight. There may be a few spotty 3 inch amounts to our south and east near Bloomington.

As of 7 p.m. latest radar trends and data have most of our viewing area in the inch or less category with maybe only flurries for areas like Remington and Monticello. South of Indianapolis they will likely see 1 to 2 inches of snow with spotty 3 inch amounts. The cold, dense air has certainly suppressed the main storm track. Even though this system is not going to be a big deal, the late week system I think still bears watching. I have spent most of my time today on this second system and will detail it for you on the news tonight at 11 p.m. I think we could see 3 or more inches of snow Thursday night into Friday as long as we do not mix with any ice. It will certainly be a system to keep an eye on.

As of 1 a.m. things are looking very interesting with snow picking up across the area despite a very unimpressive radar. Remember snow fans we have the fluff factor in our favor and as a result our original 1 to 2 inch forecast may be met without trouble, with maybe a bonus inch for good measure! Sweet snow dreams.


Anonymous said...

I will take the snow over the rain right now!
Oh, I hope you are right about snow this upcoming weekend - I never had a chance to go sledding yet this winter.

katies said...

Do you see spring in our future?

Anonymous said...

So glad the schools announced the 2 hour delay early, thank goodness for your closing and delay site, I knew before most of the delay, and was able to contact other parents. I was up and ready to leave but decided to check the computer, thanks for being on top of issues!

Anonymous said...

The roads at this time are mainly clear, however be careful for there still slick spots, slow going this morning, not bad at all this afternoon.