Monday, February 25, 2008

National Weather Service Issues Winter Weather Advisory

To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question. I have been on the phone with some outstanding forecasters at the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. They have decided not to upgrade us or Tippecanoe County and surrounding areas to a Winter Storm Warning but instead have issued a Winter Weather Advisory. Even though there will be some 6 inch totals in our viewing area they think it looks like it will be more isolated than the norm. They still think we are a couple of degrees too warm despite this evening's snow burst. The National Weather Service in Indianapolis is going to go with 3 to 5 inch totals from Lafayette to Indianapolis. What you need for a Winter Storm Warning is widespread 6 inches of snow in 12 hours.

After some very good meteorological discussions (I even told them we have already had one inch reports in Frankfort and a quarter-inch in Lafayette....they still think an advisory works better but they also respected my forecast of us having a good chance of many of us in the Lafayette viewing area seeing anywhere from 5 to 8 inches...this does include our friends in Monticello and Rensselaer. I do not think White and Jasper Counties will be between heavy bands like it looked just about 90 minutes ago. We have plenty of moisture and cold air moving our way! So right looks like our original snow bands of 4 to 6 inches of snow in our southern tier of counties and 6 to 8 inches to the north is looking like it will hold.

Your fine-tuned snow timeline..... I like 1 to 2 inches plus by 7 a.m. in Tippecanoe County....2 to 4 inches northern counties...close to 1 inch in Indianapolis

An additional 2 to 4 inches of snow during the day in Tippecanoe County....another 2 to 4 inches north....

Final Call on Storm Totals:
3 to 5 inches Indianapolis
4 to 6 inches Lafayette

4 to 6 inches Attica
4 to 7 inches Fowler
4 to 7 inches Kokomo
4 to 7 inches Monticello
5 to 8 inches Remington

5 to 8 inches Peru
5 to 8 inches Logansport


Anonymous said...

Snowing pretty good here in Buffalo

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind Mike that all of the snow pushers in town set their alarm to you forcast, so sharpen you pencil.

Anonymous said...

is school gonna be called off

Anonymous said...

I really think the NWS is being way too conservative on this storm. The dynamics are all there for strong lift and the cold air is already starting to filter in. I don't understand why the forecast offices don't work together a little better. It looks a little odd when all the counties around you have winter storm warnings while they keep us in the advisory.

Anonymous said...

I am the complainer... To all of you ready to complain about ME, type a message that I can read first before going off. I love WLFI, and the NWS for that matter. I respect their hard work everyday! That is why I write this with a passion that sounds almost negative. But they teach us at Purdue to take our synoptic forecasts very seriously, and the models that we look at, from the European to our very own, are always going to be questionable. I know that, folks. Mother Nature is not to be second-guessed or dictated. So, as a presenter and meteorologist, isn't it a good practice to "propose" to viewers the different scenarios, just in case things change? I did not hear that, that's all. Instead, egg on face. By NWS or weather personality...I don't care. It snowed an inch at my apartment tonight alone. Now we wait for the storm. Terrific job to all. Here's to warm weather. I push for THAT instead of 6 inches or more. Good night, and I'm done writing on this blog. I'll leave it to the professionals. You're welcome.