Monday, February 18, 2008

Rainbows & 60s Give Way to Layers & Sub-Zero Wind Chills

Thanks to Joely Fisher
Finally a sign of hope in a winter where we have just been pounded with storm after storm. Yesterday, we had brilliant rainbows in the sky. This one above is from Frankfort taken close to 3 p.m. Some folks had heavy rain, sunshine, and a rainbow all at the same time. Check back to see a double rainbow at 9th and Twykingham in Lafayette and the latest on those all-important weather watcher totals. All of our weatherwatchers stayed below an inch as expected and as a result only minor flooding is expected on the Wabash. We may have missed the major flooding this time around but not bitter wind chills. I will try to keep those warm thoughts with you but it will be tough. Tune in tonight for the latest.


Anonymous said...

I am sure I can get other readers to agree with me when I say I would rather endure these wind chills than flooding ANY day!

Thanks Mike, for your continued great work both here and on the air!

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone was able to take a photo of that incredible rainbow on Sunday. It was unbelievable over the Wabash, and it gave us a sense of hope - even during the rain on Sunday - that things will get better with the flooding on the Wabash (and everywhere else). Right now - I am so tired of evacuating due to the flooding - that I say "bring on the cold - so we can finally dry out!"

Anonymous said...

I SAW 2 ROBINS on Teal Road this morning! I know they can stay all winter with an abundant food source, but it still lifted our spirits!!! Winter can't last forever!!!

Bring on the Spring!