Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Torrential Rain & A Tornado Rips Indiana

Germantown, Tennesee Tornado
on Tuesday

The Tippecanoe River is running about 5 feet lower than January 8th. This will not be a repeat or 100 year flood like we saw a few weeks ago, but significant flooding is taking place. Here are some of your latest weather notes. They seem like they are out of a movie instead of real life. Our weather has been out of control for quite some time. You can see the heavy rain as it moved in last night with plenty of thunder. We had a quick one to two inches of rain in about a four hour time frame. If it had been snow we would have had more than the Blizzard of 2007 or close to two feet! This follows us melting down a snowpack with about a half-inch to one inch of liquid. It is a really bad combination.

White County Emergency Management: No new evacuations at this time but monitoring the situation. Their advice is to watch the water and if you feel unsafe be ready to move to higher ground. The Norway and Oakdale Dams could both rise above the critical levels of 22,000 cubic feet per second and will peak out today and start to improve by tonight.

Tippecanoe County Emergency Management: Flooding reported on county roads and make sure to avoid low-lying areas and do not cross roadways covered by water. Worst of the flooding on the Wabash River at Lafayette will be late Thursday with our highest forecast crest since January 2005…it will crest at 22.4 feet or 11.4 feet above flood stage. This number could still change based on how much rain we received last night.

Rainfall Amounts as of 1 a.m. Wednesday

Tipton 3.70”

WLFI 2.66"

Monticello 2.47"

Monon 2.35"

Williamsport 2.35"

Earl Park 2.16"

Remington 2.05

Kokomo 1.94”

Kentland 1.92”

At least 18 killed in tornadoes Tuesday afternoon and night.….7 in Arkansas, 8 in Tennessee, 3 in Kentucky….more are missing. You can see one of at least 6 tornadoes that tore across Tennessee last night above. Tornadoes are more common along the Gulf Coast this time of year, but not as far north as Tennessee and Indiana! There were 53 reports of tornadoes, and over 200 reports of hail and wind damage.

Here in Indiana: A possible tornado hit 10 miles south of Montgomery County last night in Bainbridge. We picked the rotation up on Live Doppler 18 and luckily it weakened as it moved into Clinton County. There were reports of trees down and damage to barns and mobile homes. There was also an 82 mile per hour wind gusts near Terre Haute brought down numerous trees and powerlines.

More extreme weather is on the way and this time in the form of brutally cold weather. More details on the way here on the blog and tonight at 5,6, and 11. See you soon!

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