Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to all Snow & Up to a Half-Inch at WLFI

Here are some snowfall totals as of 11:30 p.m.

Remington 2"
Kentland 1.5"

Tipton 1.5"
Frankfort 1.0"

Kokomo 0.5"
WLFI 0.5"

Everything is on track for our snowfall. I still think I should have gone a little higher on amounts by morning, but when all is said and done I think it will come out to close to 6 inches in Lafayette to 8" in Remington. Could we see isolated pockets of 10 inch snows? I cannot rule that out either. I want to thank the National Weather Service offices and all my weather watchers for their snow amounts. This really helped immensely in putting the forecast together. Even though we did not get a winter storm warning out of this in Tippecanoe County I think everybody has been warned that it will be treacherous on the roads Tuesday and to be extremely careful.


PJ said...

It is just after midnight here on campus at Purdue and we had a quick half inch fall by 11:30 or so; however it looks like more rain is starting to mix into the snow and most of that half inch is gone.

Anonymous said...

Got everybody worked up again didn't you, everybody out buying groceries & provisions.
How much does Walmart pay you to make these outrageous forcasts?

Anonymous said...

WLFI weather team- there is a big difference between 6.0 and 0.6, nice job with those predicted totals Mike. Maybe you should just say "snow" instead of giving a total.

Anonymous said...

The difference would be up to an inch by morning (which we have) and more snow today (it is currently snowing) with a total of 4-6, this is what I have read from Mike.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear something about a dry slot. Maybe 1-2. A long way from 4-6.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Mike, 10" in some areas I don't think so. Whats bad about that, is you predicted that less than 8 hours ago. Maybe the correct thing to say is "a possibility of 0"-10" somewhere in Indiana"

Anonymous said...

Come on up to Benton County, 6 to 8 inches at the least. This one is easy to measure because the wind hasn't blown it around yet. And it is still snowing.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday and last night the weather channel ticker said just exactly what you did Mike, they also stated the snow fall amounts were uncertian due the the smallest change in this system. They also said we could receive 2-4 inches by morning and another 2-4 today, Like it has been said over and over again, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. You are still number one in my book!and do all you can to keep us safe and ready for the possiable snow amounts. If people would only listen, and read, they will see and hear you state many times this is what the new stats show at this time! Nothing is for certian!
With much respect.