Friday, February 8, 2008

Good Car Washing Weather & Spring Only 6 Weeks Away!

We have had such lousy weather I had to find a bright picture for you. Here are the redbuds in bloom at Happy Hollow Park last Spring. It was even a nice sunny day! When is the last time we had sunshine? Let's not go there. The cloud season here in Lafayette is just about over. It settles in from the middle of November through the middle of February and combine this with the shorter days and it can make it tough on many of us. But enough of those negative thoughts. In Florida, they actually have pollen counts already and folks are having to wash all that pollen off their cars. Speaking of car washes, I do owe our anchor Gina Quattrocchi a car wash since we did not have any significant sunshine yesterday. I tried to be an optimist and even though I knew it would be a tough bet, I went ahead and took it. In this pattern, I certainly lost that battle. She won our bet thanks to all our low-level moisture trapped beneath a temperature inversion. I will definitely get some pictures for you.

Today here at home you can also get out and wash your car and even though it will not be Florida warm nor sunny, we can take solace in the fact that Spring arrives on March 20th. Our solar winter officially ended on February 3rd which is known as the darkest time of year. Meteorological Spring begins in just over 3 weeks on March 1st. See now those clouds outside do not looks so bad!

But wait! We all know what happens after you wash your car in Indiana. Maybe we shouldn't do it but in this case do not blame yourselves but La Nina! Those chilly ocean temperatures in the Pacific are actually even cooler based on the latest numbers which means the wild ride for us has just begun. It is causing a 140 mph jet stream to slice right through the Midwest. Nature's main highway is as busy as ever and our traffic jam of storms and weird weather continues. This gridlock in the atmosphere may not start changing until March. If it does not we are in for one awful severe weather season. But in this pattern, take it one day at a time. We have an arctic outbreak Saturday night and Sunday and some maps are even hinting at a possible snow event early next week. I will post more on this and have more on the news tonight. Have a great day and remember the redbuds!

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Paul said...

Thanks for the optimistic view, suffice to say we could all use some color right now! :)