Saturday, February 16, 2008

Latest Storm Track Keeps Lafayette Close to 1" of Rain

The heaviest rain looks like it will be over Illinois and it may be their turn for record flooding. Here at home we will still have to watch out for river rises with close to an inch of rain possible, but at this time it looks like the flooding this time around for us will not be as bad as the first two floods. But, do not let your guard down as flood watches will likely be issued for our entire viewing area for tonight into Sunday. There could be a brief icy mix to start especially to our north. But for now here is the breakdown of precipitation. The inch or so of snow will likely fall Sunday night into early Monday with any icing mainly between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m.

As long as we keep rainfall totals closer to an inch or less the scene above on state road 43 will likely not be repeated. Lowland flooding will still be a factor with rivers already out of their banks and ice jam troubles could mount once again with the rainfall. I will keep you updated and be very careful if you are traveling across the Midwest this weekend. Madision, Wisconsin could see another 10 inches of snow!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the estimated rain fall.
My home is on the Wabash (right on 43 - North River Road) and I am on pins and needles about this new batch of precipitation coming this way.
I hope that less than an inch of rain is all we get (an inch the very most). If the river stays under 21 feet - I will be able to return home, after a 2 week absence.
Thanks for your hard work and your blogs!