Monday, June 15, 2009

Ring of Fire Sets Up Next Few Days With Heat, Humidity, and an Increase in Thunderstorms

Good Monday morning! A new week and the same old hot pattern is setting up. But I am a meteorologist that knows even in a persistent weather pattern you can have big changes from day to day like we saw and I forecasted on Saturday. Those storms were vicious and I am very excited that I did have a lot of Floridians check this blog to see what would really happen! Thanks for your support. I have some storm pictures I will share with you later today.

My middle child Abbey gets an A+ getting through the storms this weekend. She was at the Avenues Mall when the storms hit of course. Sound familiar? The joke in Lafayette is when all my girls were shopping at the mall and storms were in the forecast, watch out! But this time around we talked on the cell phone and I kept her calm. She has come a long way. The lightning capital of the world lives up to its name and for now it looks like her case of keraunophobia is not as bad as it was in Indiana. Keraunophobia is a morbid fear of thunder and lightning. She still has that fear but it is not as intense. I think all those tornado sirens going off in Indiana while Dad had to be at work really took a toll on her. Now Dad is able to be at home much more often with family and most importantly during severe weather! She loves my new schedule and actually so do I! My family and friends are the true cumulonimbi of my life. :)

Right now I am loading up the car with my daughters and their friends and we are heading to the beach before this "ring of fire" pattern catches up to us! Yes, it will be hot once again today with highs in the lower to middle 90s but keep in mind the hot dome of high pressure you see above is a little weaker due to a front to its north and the center of it has drifted a little farther west. This will allow us to go from rain-free like we saw on Sunday to at least 50% of the area seeing thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

What happens in this set-up is the front that could bring parts of the Midwest including Indiana tornadoes and damaging winds will never make it here. But the cooler air on the periphery of this high pressure will develop storms and they will move around this area of high pressure and its clockwise upper-level winds which will bring storms our way from the northwest. Add in heat, humidity, and a sea-breeze and we will have plenty of collisions taking place in the atmosphere.

In essence we will see a ring of storms "fire" up around this high pressure today and thus the "ring of fire pattern". Now eventually the front to our north will wash out and this will allow the big heat ridge to gather strength and build back toward Florida which will dry us back out by Thursday and yes IT WILL BE HOT AS A TAMALE! I see more middle 90s on the way in the long-range which I will show you on your exclusive 10 day forecast before you get it anywhere else.

But I do see a more permanent pattern change to our pattern possibly as early as next weekend. So make sure to check back for that and of course the latest on the tropics. Have a great day! I better get to the beach before the storms move in between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. across the area. They will drift southeast with the main threats being lightning, gusty winds of 40 mph, and heavy rain. Have a great day! To all my Hoosier friends. I will be thinking of you as things go downhill later today, tonight, and Tuesday.Be ready to get to your safe spots and God Bless!


Justin said...

Mike, The "Prang Gang" Always does the same when storms move into our area!

We think of the "Prang" Himself! lol.

Justin In Lafayette, IN.

Anonymous said...

This site is awesome!
Thanks for the detail and easy readability.

Anonymous said...

I wore my Prang Gang tee shirt to the store this Morning, Everyone was asking me what the weather was going to be like in the next few days LOL!

I pointed to the front of the shirt that says "Get to you safe spot", and we could see poss bad wx in the next few days.

Very plesent in Laf In at this time, nice cool temps, and breeze, yet the humidity is up there.

Hope you all had a great day at the beach Mike, many folks in Indiana have not had a chance to use their pools, too rainy or too coolOnly a few days of very warm humid wx.

Have a great day all!


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