Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cool Front Pushing Through Area With More Afternoon & Evening Storms

If you have been outside it is still very hot with the latest heat index temperature up near 100 to 104 across the area. You can see why above as the main cold front has really not cleared the area. I am just calling it a cool front because temperatures behind it will still be plenty hot but will indeed be cooler and we will not have to worry about dangerous heat index values of 105 to 110 we have seen over the past several days. The good news is the much heralded cool front will clear the area by late tonight and we will finally have some noticeable relief by tomorrow as highs remain in the 80s at the beach to only near 90 in inland locations. First things first! We do have more storms on the way as some drier, cooler air meets our sultry air mass. It is lightning safety awareness week. Make sure to click the link below for more details.

One of my favorite sayings is if you hear it, clear it when it comes to thunder. This means you are in danger of being struck by lightning. On the First Coast we average about 90 thunderstorm days a year and a lot of times folks let their guard down because these pop up storms happen so often. This is not smart! I will be back with more lightning safety rules and a cooler 10 day forecast. Have a great day.

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Brow said...

Yep, 93 right now in Indiana...sheesh! Its really steamy.

Starting took wish for snow flakes. lol.

Keep cool Mike!