Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ice Cream Weather & Heat Advisories This Weeekend

Our longest day of the year and first day of summer officially is on Sunday and it is also Father's Day. I think taking Dad out for a scoop of ice cream is a great idea. You see Lauren and Abbey enjoying their ice cream on Waffle Cone Wednesday. It was melting pretty quickly but they managed to eat it in time. This weekend that may be a tougher task. You may want to take the ice cream inside. It still looks like we could have our first 100 degree weather in almost 10 years here in Jacksonville by Saturday and Sunday. A heat advisory may be needed as heat indeces will likely hit 110 or above. Already heat advisories are in effect today for Savannah, Georgia that has one of my favorite boardwalks. The last time we took a stroll here in Jacksonville in 100 degree heat was way back on July 5, 2000!! This year it will be hot as a firecracker before Independence Day. The big news in the long-range is this heat will break big-time next week. We even have a northeast wind back in the forecast by Wednesday and Thursday with highs only in the lower to middle 80s!
I am heading to the Villages to visit my Grandmother and will continue to keep an eye on things for you. We will be watching another cluster of storms moving our way today as the main heat ridge builds in. Once again strong gusty winds and dangerous lightning will be likely with the thunderstorms that could actually hit the area before noon. So I better scoot quickly. I will leave another picture below on how my girls have been staying cool. Yes! Expect the long-lines at the splash pool to continue and to my Hoosier friends. I will send some of this heat your way, but you have a couple of rough days to get through with severe weather and yes even some tornadoes will be possible. Stay calm and alert AND GET TO THOSE SAFE SPOTS. For now here in Florida, we are getting to our COOL SPOTS!

I cannot wait to tell you about my trip to the Villages, Florida to visit my grandmother and the REAL GOLDEN GIRLS!! Be safe and all my best to all my friends in family from Florida to Indiana and Maryland!


Cheryl in Brookfield Heights said...

Greetings from Lafayette on a stormy Thursday. We're bracing for a rough two days here as I'm sure you know. It was great to catch up on your goings via your blog. Sounds like you and the family are happily settled into your new life. You're still missed here with the WLFI blogger family, but you picked someone great to fill your shoes in Chad Evans - he's been a busy fellow indeed LOL!

Justin said...

Hey Mike, I noticed the Heat Advisory for your area! I believe I seen daytime heat index around 105 to 110* degrees and night time lows only falling into the middle to upper 70s making it hard for those without AC to cool off at night!! Be careful down there in FL, Mike and all!!!! Keep COOL and Keep SAFE!!

Lafayette had a high heat index of 99* degrees today! Our high temperature was 90.3* degrees!! Which was HOT to us lol..... Now we are tracking the severe thunderstorms though out the WLFI viewing area!

What a night!!

I will have to e-mail you some storm rainfall totals and fill in all the stormy details later tomorrow Mike! ;)

The Prang Gang Lives On!

Justin In Lafayette, IN.

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