Monday, June 22, 2009

A Great Family Weekend Beats the Heat!

I had a wonderful family weekend and it was a very special Father's Day. There were many ways folks were trying to stay cool over the weekend. I stayed cool in the pool with my three daughters above. The pool temperature at my Mom and Dad's house was 86 degrees. The outdoor temperature hit 100 in Mandarin but it did not keep us from being outside a good part of the afternoon. Folks here in Florida just take the heat in stride and the Prangley family has learned to adapt to it in a hurry. We played fun pool games like Monkey in the Middle and my version of Sharks and Minnows. The big news is our family's minnow Lauren has now learned to go below the water and hold her breath. Yes, I will take credit for that and I can just tell you how much it meant to me for her to trust in me and to actually be there when she did it for the first time. It was a Father's Day to remember and I want to thank my lovely wife Julie for making it all happen. You can see us below at my Mom's birthday bash earlier in the weekend.

Julie always treats me special no matter what day it is but made sure to really make sure I had a great day on Father's Day. I love the new bathing suit she got for me but as I told her I really did not need any presents. Her and the girls spoil me rotten. What more can I ask for? Speaking of lucky here is my Mom who has always been there for me. You see my Mom enjoying her birthday below and yes Lauren is helping her blow out her candles. I was happy to be with her instead of a thousand miles away for once. It made a huge difference for me and her too as you see below.

I also got to spend time with my Dad on Father's Day probably for the first time in about 15 years since I have been working all across the country as a meteorologist all these years. It was good to be home with Dad and yes he is looking forward to doing a lot of good golfing with me!

My Dad tracks weather with me all the time as well and were were talking about an increase in storms due to a backdoor front by late today and tonight. Yes! Father knows best! Now there officially is a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10 p.m. for our Georgia Counties and keep in mind these could be extended into our Florida counties this evening as well. The main threats will be heavy downpours, small hail and brief wind gusts to near 50 mph. This is all coming in with our strongest front in weeks! More details coming here on the blog. Have a great day and night! Stay safe!


Justin said...

Wow Mike, You really look like your dad!! :)

It sounds like you had a wonderful Father's Day! Your whole Family that is! And be sure to tell your mom I said Happy Late Birthday!!

Today was my aunts Birthday!

We to had a great Father's day as I did all the cooking for my Father!! It was GREAT grilling weather and we could not let it go to waste! ;)

Keep cool Mike and Prangley's! The WLFI viewing area is going to see a Heat wave these next few day's with HOT highs in the low 90s!!!! Heat index close to the 100s!! WOW Good thing we are getting that pool going! LOL.

Justin In (HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!) Lafayette, IN.

Anonymous said...

I second all that, Justin! You really DO look like your dad, Mike! it looks like a good time was had by all and I know your family appreciates having you in FL with them.

from Hot-Hot-Hot Indiana,

Anonymous said...

What a nice family you have, Mike. Your parents obviously taught you well.

Very hot here today too.

Barbie in Frankfort

Anonymous said...

I like the wine display in the back ground of these pics:) Ready the A storm moving close? Be safe with the heat and the developing tropical storm/hurricane!