Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big News: Heat Wave Ends With Refreshing Sea Breezes

Lauren and Dad enjoying the beach. Last week you had to be in the water to actually cool down. Today the sea-breeze kicked in and it made a world of difference!

Wow! It was a great day. I am still in a transition between jobs and the biggest news in my life is what a wonderful time I am having with my girls this summer. You make choices in life and your choices make you. This slogan was what I saw on my way to a couple of important job interviews that went really well this morning. Now today at my interviews I met tons of folks that flew into Jacksonville from all over the country including the Midwest. It was great getting first-hand accounts of the hotter weather that has moved into Wisconsin after such a long and cold Winter and Spring. I understand it has also been sizzling in Indiana. Here in North Florida it was actually cooler than Lafayette today where it hit 94! I told you I would send some love from Florida! We only had a high temperature of 89 which broke a string of 14 consecutive days at 90 or above. There was a refreshing breeze off the ocean that made all the difference in the world and the dewpoints actually fell to 67 which mean the heat index was only in the lower 90s. This means it felt almost 20 degrees cooler compared to the weekend when it felt like 110 degrees. I am ready to go do a sunset run and I may do it in record time. I never thought the upper 80s could feel refreshing but they really do. The comfortable dewpoints will stick around at least for one more day before the heat and humidity combine once again to make it feel like close to 100 once again this weekend. I still see the long-term forecast that includes temperatures closer to normal instead of running about 10 degrees above normal during the day like we were during our first heat wave of the summer. Enjoy! I better go get that run in! :)


Anonymous said... can keep THAT kind of love right there in FL, Mr!! Wow it has been hot here, but as usual we jump from winter to summer. There were storms around that presented a great photo oportunity.

you look GOOD on the beach, Mike!


Justin said...

Hey Mike, My sister wanted me to tell you that she said to "Keep that Hot Weather DOwn In FL" lol. I don't thisnk she is to happy with you right now! LOL (Only Joking) :)

We did have another HOT high today in Lafayette,IN of 91.4* degrees and a high heat index of 102* degrees!!!! WOW it was HOT!! It is 8:43pm and we still have a current temperature of 88.2* degrees with a heat index of 93* degrees! I'M SOOOOOOO Ready for winter and SNOW!! LOL.

Mike I will send you some snow this year! You sent the heat so I will send the snow! ;o)

Have a good one!

Justin In Lafayette, IN.