Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to the Basics! A Day That We Will All Remember

Today was a rough day as two American icons Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson moved on. I prayed to God for giving me such a wonderful family and so many blessings. You just never know and today was an "awakening" for many including me. Time does fly and life is too short. This picture is from Lauren's 3rd birthday. Soon she will be turning five years old.

It will be a day I will never forget. It started off nicely. I picked Megan up from swim practice and the girls and I all had a nice big breakfast with my special recipe egg omelettes. Then I got word about Farrah Fawcett passing away at the young age of 62. I will always remember her as of course the Charlie's Angel who wasn't just a pretty face but an actress that played parts in different movies to help bring many sensitive issues such as spousal abuse to the forefront. This way certain taboo subjects could finally be addressed in a way where they could be discussed and dealt with properly. Then there was her courageous "public" fight against cancer that inspired so many that her spirit will always live on not only from above but here on earth. We all knew this day was coming soon for Farrah but it was still tough to deal with. This was Farrah Fawcett, the girl all my friends and I would talk about in elementary and middle school. I had a heavy heart for sure so I tried to lighten the mood by doing some extra cleaning around the house. I even cleaned out the dog bowl. I guess this has always been a good way for me to clear my mind and the marathon runner mentality I have of just keep moving no matter what really kicked in to high gear. I proceeded to cook up a huge lunch that included two pizzas, spicy noodles, and rice. Yes, the Prangley's love carbohydrates. I should just all my girls the Carb girls. My cooking must be getting better since I have become the parent that "feeds" the neighborhood friends. That is fine by me. I certainly liked the extra company and it helped me feel better about Farrah.

I quickly did the dishes and wiped the counters clean. We had
a nice invite to be treated to the Night at the Museum 2 Courtesy of my Dad. We actually made it to the movies on time! My generous Dad got us our tickets, big buckets of popcorn, candy, and drinks. Suprisingly, I really liked this sequel better than the first one and if you have kids it is a must see. I loved all the historical figures in the movie even if was at times hard to believe. Just remember to keep your active imagination turned on if you are a parent which I did. The movie had a couple of deep lines for being more of a science fiction comedy which was fitting on a day like today. I will just say I AGREE THAT THE KEY TO HAPPINESS IS DOING WHAT YOU LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE.

We thanked my Dad for a fun time and got home. Then I had to run to the library to returns some books and movies. I checked out a religious book, "If You Want to Walk on Water You've Got to Get Out of the Boat." It is actually a book about being more connected to God and living in the transcendent with a touch of humor. Well on the way home my boat of life was rocked when I was listening to a sports program when the guy starts talking about Michael Jackson dying. I thought it was just one of those many unfair rumors about the poor guy we have heard over the years. Only this time it was all too real. I just did not want to believe it. I quicky called my wife and broke the news to her. She was worried about something like this because we of course lost America's side-kick Ed McMahon earlier in the week, then Farrah and she was wondering who the third would be since in her words it always happens in threes. That is one prediction my wife was hoping did not come true. I am not sure why but I sat in front of the television for more than four hours scanning all the cable coverage. I have not done this since 9/11. It will just be one of those days you will know what you were doing when you found out. I just have to say that Michael Jackson was certainly one of a kind and of course is the King of Pop. He was the 80s version of Elvis and the good news is that in one of the hundreds of interviews they replayed on television tonight he did say that TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS AND HE BELIEVES IN GOD. I will never forget one of my college roomates playing Michael Jackson music for at least two hours every day. Luckily I loved his music and I studied for many weather exams with Billie Jean in the backround. It kept me fired up.This was huge for me. To this day I still play Michael Jackson songs and through his music he will certainly live on forever.

I feel God does speak to all of us through others and I know that this week he is speaking loud and clear to me. Even if I am not sure of exactly how and why there are no limits on possibilities with God. We are not supposed to understand everything, but God is at work on us and others which will be revealed later on. This evening I will now get back to basics and watch the Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with my kids. This after all is what it is all about. This is where I should be and I will make sure to enjoy every second of it. God bless!


Anonymous said...

Mike, I did the same with the TV after hearing of the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michal Jackson.

Depite the fact we were having an amazing lightning storm in Lafayette, I could not pull myself away from the TV. Such sad news.

And I agree with Julie, things happen in threes is seems.

I enjoyed Michael's music, fun to dance to. I remember living in an apt, where two of my neighbors did not get along. They were all ways doing annoying thing to each other.Every time the one got mad she would turn her boom box on full blast playing "Beat It". Acutally at time I thought it was kind of funny. So every time I hear that song, remind me of my silly neighbors who in the end became friends.

Have a wondeful day all!

Teri in Indiana

Justin said...

WOW Mike!!!! You have such a great outlook on LIFE!!!! Not to many people talk that way however I think everyone thinks that way! I know that I was Shocked when I heard about this!!!! They where both still way to young! Life as you said it "Is to short"

Today has been an odd day for me and after coming to your blog and reading what you just said you really turned my day around!!!!

Thank you Mike! You are for sure a WONDERFUL person!

God Bless Everyone!

And Like I (Always's say) "One Act Of Random Kindness Can Change The World.

Justin In Lafayette, IN

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! Wow.. Sure good to read something from you. I had your blog book marked for a while but had not visited it until today. I miss seeing you on TV 18 News.

Thanks for the updats on your family.. I am actually from Gainesville, FL and moved to Indiana 16 years ago this summer.

You are right that we are having some very hot and humid weather here in Indiana now. Our heat index is expected to be at least 100 tomorrow.

Keep enjoying the time with your girls, God has a plan for you and your beautiful family.. just make sure to enjoy the journey you are on so you do not miss the enev the little things He does along the way.

DJ Hartman
West Lafayette, IN

katkandy said...

Dear Michael Jay, I am just now catching up with all of your twitter news and my twitter and my regular email account. Please send me a direct twitter if you want to when or if you read this. I am sorry that I haven't emailed or twittered for awhile, but my teeth problems have caused me to not be able to email or twitter or check Chad's blog and yours. I am so glad that I chose tonight to check your blog. You never cease to amaze me of the wonderful and insightful thoughts and words that you write in your blog, emails and twitter. I am so proud of you and the wonderful husband,father and man that you are. God is truly working through you and I know that you will always do great things in your life. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO EVERYONE WHOSE LIVES YOU HAVE TOUCHED! Tears are still falling from my eyes at the tribute that you have given to God, your family and to Ed, Michael, and Farrah. (How appropriate that you and Michael share the same middle name). You are in your own right an icon like Michael. May God bless you and your family all the days of your lives. I miss you,too. Sincerely, KitKatKandyBar

Anonymous said...

Wow, just like old home week on Mike's blog!! Hello to all, including Michael Jay and family!

Mike is, and always has been a very influential person and God has chosen him to spread the Word.

For those who may read this I found this on Tom Skilling's blog this morning. So many people think heat lightning is just that...HEAT lightning. I read many years ago it just ain't so,....and here is proof:


Dear Tom,
What causes heat lightning?
Mike Murphy, Chicago
Dear Mike,
Heat lightning is nothing more than ordinary lightning produced by a distant thunderstorm too far away for the thunder to be heard. With summer thunderstorms routinely building to heights in excess of 50,000 feet, lightning from these storms can be visible at distances beyond 125 miles to anyone with a clear view of the horizon. In contrast, the sound of thunder can rarely be heard beyond a distance of about 15 miles. In fact, the parent thunderstorm cloud producing the lightning may actually be below the horizon, but due to the curvature of the Earth's surface, flashes emanating from the upper levels of the cloud are visible. The term heat lightning came into use because people spent time outdoors on hot, humid summer evenings and were able to view the distant lightning.


Enjoy the day and stay tuned for storms in our area of the world.


Anonymous said...

OH....and I always wanted to LOOK like Farrah Faucett! She is beutiful! Along with the other "Angels".


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Mike, where are are all the pictures you said you would post from Indiana? weather pictures that is. I do not get twitter. I like the pictures from Florida, yet Indana people sent you weather pictures which you stated in several post the you would show. did you forget us already?

Anonymous said...

Mike, I know people say things happen in 3's but some forgot that the famous Kung Fu actor David Carradine,died on June 3rd.

A sad thing, 4 great entainers died in the month of June, David, Ed, Farrah, Michael.

Live is too short, cherish every moment..

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I just read that TVpitchman Billy Mays was found dead today, He is known for his cleaning products like Oxi Clean and did a lot of commercials, Now this makes 5!! Billy, David, Ed, Farrah, and Michael..I pray not 6!!

Anonymous said...

And three of them weren't that old. So sad for their families. Let's treasure what we all have.

Barbie in Frankfort

Anonymous said...

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