Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Weather is Hot, But Latest Tropics Forecast is Not!

Yes, hot! hot! hot! We all know it is hot with our first 100 degree temperature possible in Jacksonville this weekend since 2000. But let me dig deeper to help take your mind off this heat. The even bigger story is the UKMET office has dropped its forecast number of tropical storms this year to only six! This is huge news! If it verifies, it would be the lowest number of named storms since 1992! You can read all about how this number was derived. It is a rehash really of some of the factors I have gone over with you here on the weather blog. Check out this link. Our weather may be hot but this year the tropics are not, which is great news!
Records to watch this weekend are 100 for a record high on Saturday and 99 on Sunday which were both set back in 1990! I think we have a shot of at least tying or breaking both numbers. I will have a record update for you this weekend! I am getting back to my big family weekend which includes celebrating my Mom's birthday! I love you Mom!


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day weekend, Mike!


Justin said...

Yes, What Mary Anne, Said!!


Justin In Lafeyette, IN.