Friday, June 5, 2009

Surviving a Trip inside a Whale's Mouth & Nature Will Be More Like Orca This Weekend

The storms came fast and furious today and I survived a trip inside what some meteorologists call the whale's mouth. The bright clearing to the right would be where the whale of a storm was opening its mouth. The sunshine further destabilized the atmosphere which fired up thunderstorms. The teeth of the whale are the wild looking clouds in the center of the picture caused by the cool winds of the gust front pushing up the warm and humid air. Remember the cool air is heavier and the warmer air is lighter. The far left side of the picture is the whale's belly or where the heavy rain shaft is located. Unfortunately we have a few more whales in the forecast this weekend as an area of low pressure stalls out over the First Coast. You need to pick and choose your plans carefully. I do think it looks like a great night to get out to the ballpark tonight. My best advice is to get outside while you can and check out that beautiful moon that will officially be full on Sunday. I will have a weekend update coming your way dealing with all the rain and beware of Orca! Also I will post pictures from a possible tornado that hit Georgia and I want all my Indiana friends to be on guard for severe weather beginning late Sunday night and Monday.


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