Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Number 8 of Heat Wave That Will Not Break Until Next Week!

You see the big bubble of orange showing the big hot dome of high pressure that is bringing us our eighth consecutive day of 90 degree weather. The big orange blob is made up of 5,000 foot temperatures that are generally higher than 60 degrees. During this time of year you can add 30 degrees in hot weather with mainly full sunshine to get your forecast. So you can be a meteorologist with me and figure out that there is a huge portion of theouthern tier of the country with highs of 90 or above. Many folks are starting to complain about the heat but keep in mind this will be our 9th day of 90 degree weather which is average for the month of June and many folks in the Chicagoland area which are running more than 5 degrees below average are wishing they had this real summer weather. In fact, normally we average 17 days of 90 or above in the month of June. This weather is par for the course, nothing more, nothing less and my family is absolutely loving all the great swimming weather. People move to Florida and live in the Sunshine State for the sun, fun, and hot weather. Bring it on! We are heading to the pool once again today but I can tell you what you need to know.

1)The heat wave will break next week.

2) The tropics will become more active as summer officially begins. Watch the Caribbean.

3) It looks great for tomorrow morning's early space launch.

Notice why I think our 90 degree streak ends by the middle of next week. The orange bubble of warm air aloft which translates to hot weather at the surface shifts west and this will allow a trough to move to the East Coast which will impact us here in Florida. Cooler air aloft means better chances of more typical afternoon thunderstorms set off by our sea-breeze fronts. It also gives us a better chance of having cold fronts move our way. We sometimes have to watch for tropical development along these fronts that stall over us here in the south. It could get interesting in a hurry! Highs will still be warm but get ready for 80s instead of those persistent 90s. So if it is too hot for you relief is on the way! You just have to be patient. I will have your exclusive 10 day forecast showing this later today and tonight. But for now it is family first as summer vacation is getting into full swing! I need to make sure all of my girls have their sunscreen on!

Late Today and This Evening Forecast Update: Best chance of thunderstorms of the week for us as some energy from a stalled front to our north moves over our area and collides with our hot and humid weather. Since it will be near the coastline, the storms could actually straddle the beaches before filling in and moving south. The bottom line is I think 60% or more of us seeing rain today and not the more of the same forecast you are seeing on the weather channel.

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You are such a good dad. Thank you for teaching your girls what a father should be.

Barbie in Frankfort