Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Worst of Philberta Stays South! Only Minor Flooding Expected

It may have been an ugly day and more rain is on the way but we have nothing to complain about. The big question on everybody's mind is how much more rain will we have. Well, it looks like about another 1 to 1.5". Our in-house model goes a little higher but I am confident we have dodged the worst of Philberta. But beware of its backlash. Spring begins on Thursday but I have plenty of winter in the forecast. I will have more here shortly and you may have a guest appearance from my intern Patrick Wright.

Hi everyone, I'm Patrick Wright and I am a senior at Purdue University studying meteorology and I'm interning here with Mike. Hopefully one day you might see me on air somewhere but for now I'll start off with just a blog. It's great to see all the weather enthusiasts and we appreciate everyone coming to our blog for updates. Looks like we dodged a bullet with this system as the bulk of the precipitation will fall to our south where places in southern Indiana will see 4+ inches!!! Locally, as Mike said above, we will only get 1 to 1.5 inches overnight which is great news because that should keep most of the rivers and streams in minor flood stages. The cold front off to our east will slowly make its way through our area overnight and along with that the rain will leave too. We may see some lingering showers and even flurries tomorrow afternoon as winter tries to hang on, but most of our rain will fall overnight so hopefully by the morning commute things will look better. I hope you enjoyed my first blog, don't be afraid to give me any feedback...I'm looking to improve my blogging skills in any way possible and your feedback is important.

Great job Patrick...he is from the East Coast so we can forgive him telling us the front is coming in from the East. I call it East Coast bias just like some of our weather models. Purdue has a great weather program and I am lucky to have such wonderful interns to work with. Patrick helped do a great fly-through tonight and set up our lightning tracker. I will get him in front of the wall very soon and I promise to talk about sunshine very soon! More good news...the Wabash will crest closer to 12 feet on Friday rather than the previous forecast of 16 feet! Yes!

Ready for more good news. How about some sunshine for the first day of Spring? I will have more on this and why we may need to trade in our Easter Bonnets for winter hats and coats tonight on the late news. Check the blog tomorrow for some incredible aurora pictures from Alaska! Until next time....Pat thanks you for your time and so do I.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Patrick. I really hope that we only get the 1-1.5 of rain. I am ready for spring, so please give us some. And welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean the cold front to our west, not east?

Anonymous said...

Patrick - good luck! Congrats on your internship at WLFI - you're learning the ropes from a pro. Keep the blognotes coming! It'll be interesting to see an East Coaster's reactions to life in the (eastern part) of the Midwest.