Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keep Those Warm Thoughts On a Slushy March Day

Here is the scene in Jacksonville, Florida this morning. My Dad sent this picture in to keep everybody in good spirits. I told him about the crazy winter we have had and to send more pictures. Dad certainly has the green thumb and wishes everybody safe travels and warm thoughts on this cold slushy day. What a difference about a thousand miles makes. Mom and Dad will be visiting in about 3 weeks and I told them to bring the warmer weather with them. Compare and contrast the picture above with what it looks like in Lafayette at Noon today.

We have about a quarter inch of slush on the Prangley deck. It helps that temperatures around the area are hovering near and just above freezing across much of the area. I see no major changes to the forecast. The Winter Storm Warning was downgraded this morning as expected for a good chunk of our area. Even though Warnings remain for White County and the northern tier of our area, I still see us all dodging the worst of the ice and snow. We will have less than an inch of snow and sleet through 4 p.m. Then expect a change-over to all snow by 8 p.m. There could be a few bursts of heavier snow, but once it gets cranking drier air will move in and it should be all said and done by midnight. Accumulations will be in the 1 to 3 inch range with maybe a couple spots checking in close to 4 inches north and east of Lafayette. But the snow to liquid ratios will be less than 10 to 1 and the cold air really does not wrap in until late tonight. This will hold down accumulations. I will check back in with you later. Be safe on the roadways, especially this evening. I will also tell you more about this special cheeseburger below.

Alyssa Pettiner's Dr. Seuss Cheeseburger

The big chunk taken out of the bun may have been my fault. This burger is actually a cake that took 10 hours to make! It was the biggest hamburger I have ever seen and the best hamberger I have ever tasted. After sharing it with neighbors and the TV 18 nightcrew it was all gone by Tuesday evening. The best news of all was that it helped raise money for the Mayflower Mill library with tons of other creative cakes. But this one certainly won the prize. Even though you cannot see them, it came with sugary olives, pickles, and chips. I will have to find the other picture for you. The chips alone took about two hours to make.

Now if only our weather was more appetizing....give me a big snowstorm please instead of this slushy stuff! It actually hurts to walk outside. It feels like you are being sand-blasted on the beach it is sleeting so hard. I am keeping a keen eye on St. Louis which had 2 inches of snow in the past hour. A lot of times heavy bands of snow can move our way from that direction. Based on this winter's track record. I think I had better be ready for anything!


Anonymous said...

Mike thank you for your dedication to this post. You are a real trooper and I am glad you do what you do. We in Remington stand behind you. Enjoy the cake.

James Cotant said...

Mike, Just thought I would let you know how much we enjoy your weather broadcast and email weather that we receive form your station. Here in Peru we started freezing rain around 1:15 and it turned to heavy snow at 3:45. We don't see much about Peru and Miami County on any channel but you station comes the closest. It seems as though Miami County dose not get any coverage on news and sports. We moved here from Middleburg Florida (close to your stomping grounds). Keep up the good work we really enjoy it. Jim (Retired Chief Warrant Officer, Meteorologist, USN)

Anonymous said...

I loved the dr.Seuss hamburger!!!!!!!