Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Fever Hits Lafayette

A Great Day at Armstrong Park

The kids at TSC had a half-day for Parent-Teacher Conferences and the timing could not have been better. Instead of tracking floods, severe weather, snowstorms, killer fog, and ice jams I was able to just bask in the sun with my three daughters. Yes, it was a nice break for me and I took advantage of it. This made up for the long hours spent camped out at the station over the past few months. I did some Spring cleaning this morning and then we all went out for lunch. After downing a 14 inch cheese Pizza and breadsticks in just 20 minutes we went to Armstrong Park. The birds were singing, the ducks and geese were out and Abbey was busy doing flips with her friend.

Future Gold Medalists

I was a little nervous watching them do these incredible flips and of course told them to be careful as I held my breath. They seemed to do these moves effortlessly. The good news is we did not have to rush to the hospital and nobody got hurt. Speaking of flips...the one big thing March is noted for is incredible flips in temperatures. Last year it hit 80 degrees in Lafayette on March 13th and in 2005 we had snow and highs of only 37. Today's high of 60 at WLFI and 61 in Williamsport was just right. I still see a tame March pattern for us relatively speaking at least through the weekend with no lions lurking. We know our weather can go from a lamb to a lion in a blink of an eye. But, I see lots of dogs and good dog walking weather. I met a couple of those dogs today at the park as you see below.

You see the dogs Diesel and Brandy enjoying their walks

Brandy is actually going to have baby Boxers in May. I did not get the names of their owners. It was all about their dogs and for good reason. Those are some good-looking dogs.

Just when I thought my day could not get any better my daughters offered to wash my car once we got home from the park. I of course took them up on their offer and pitched in on the tires. They did a great job. Here is a glimpse.

My little Lauren may be just 3 but she can really shine up a car! Megan not only washed the car but dried it off. Abbey was the leader and mainly just shouted directions. I was busy just trying to find a tie and clothes to get into so I could get to work. I am very lucky to have 3 wonderful daughters and a beautiful wife. As much as I love weather, nothing compares to my family not even a blizzard.

Now tonight on the news we will take a look at a weather system that really stays to the south of us. Will we give the storm a name or will it fall short of meeting our criteria. Find out here on the blog tomorrow. I look forward to heading out to Wea Elementary tomorrow. I will take some pictures.

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