Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Impressive Snowfall Totals Keep Rolling In!

Some areas in Carroll County are up to 6" (Burrows)
Attica 6"
Peru 4.8"
Lafayette and West Lafayette over 4"
Monon 4"
Tipton 2" +
Frankfort 2" +

We have another half-inch to one inch of snow on the way....I will check back with you in a bit with some pictures....send in those pictures and snow totals. Thanks in advance.

You can thank the TROWAL....what is that...tune in at 11 to find out with your updated totals...I will get pics on here soon! What a night! What a winter!


Anonymous said...

It sure is beautiful outside.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for a lamb already!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, go do your little spring dance and make this snow go away!