Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sleepless in Lafayette Again....Means More Snow on the Way

Well, I wanted to go home earlier tonight. Nobody likes their sleep as much as I do, EXCEPT when there is the possibility of a snowstorm. So tonight I stayed late just in case. All week long storm track number 2 or the eastern track seemed to be winning while the snowier storm track number one had been losing. But all winter long the models have had an eastern bias. So just in case I put in chances of snow for Friday into Saturday last night remembering lessons learned from the past. Well, it is a good thing I did because preliminary numbers coming in just after midnight tonight have Lafayette in another snow band of 2 to 4 inches while areas to the south and east like Frankfort and Kokomo are in a 4 to 6 inch band. Eastern Indiana could be sacked with well over 6 inches of snow.

The models have all flipped over in a hurry much like our sleet to snow did on Tuesday, so this is something I will have to sleep on just to make sure I am not dreaming. I am still waiting for a couple of the morning models to confirm this change tonight. What has caused this flip in the models all winter long? Not a TROWAL (a trof of warm air aloft which created a very unstable atmosphere bringing us a sleet storm like no other with thunder and then snow rates of 1 to 1.5 inches per hour) but a La Nina jet stream! This thing will be whistling into the Midwest this weekend at well over 150 mph. You think this will add a little punch to our bet. It will also dig to our west helping to drag the storm track closer to Indiana. Take a look at the raging jet stream below. The main low pressure could very well follow this jet like a train on nature's train tracks. BOILER UP!

By the way...everybody that answered yesterday's blog question correctly, great job!...I will find a way to send you a SPECIAL winter of 2007-08 T-SHIRT. I am working on this with sales. It may be awhile, but you will get it. Nature may also deliver a big snow for us. Our Adonis snow model is painting accumulations over us but it is only a guide. I will get a few winks of sleep and go over everything once again this morning and early afternoon and check back with you. As I said on the air tonight, it has been like Disney World every day this winter for this meteorologist here in Indiana and it looks like this wild ride is far from over. This is better than Space Mountain! We are now within about 13 inches of the all-time snowiest winter for Lafayette and this dates back to 1896. Here is the list you have been waiting for:

Lafayette's Snowiest Winter Seasons:
1)1977-1978 56.5"
2)1981-1982 49.5"
3) 1929-1930 45.3"
4) 2007-2008 43.1" and counting!
5) 1904-1905 42.5"

Blog question of the day: (you had to watch the news last night)
How many tornadoes does the Lafayette viewing area average and can we expect more or less than average this year? It is Severe Weather Awareness Week and the hint is that now is the time to get a plan in place!


Russ said...

Easy Scotty,

I think Mike has done an excellent job this winter. Quit be so harsh on ol Mikey Boy.
I love you mike

Anonymous said...

How about a forcast of sunny & mid 70's? I'm sick of the snow & ready to mow!

Brow said...

I was watching the news last night but I didn't get to finish!

Are we supposed to get it worse this year?

Anonymous said...

Folks please remember children read this blog, The language used by Scotty is not approprite You have a right to your opion but come on now! Everyone is saying this storm is to be watched. NWS has had a ticker running stating there is the chance that we could see heavy snow or little, just depends how which way She chooses to go. Thank you Mike, we will follow right along with you! My daughter and I were one of those, who answered the blog question, regarding a trowal correctly. So did Heather congrats! Sounds like she had as much fun as we did! Takes alot of research to understand what all means! I love idea of the Blog question of the day. Its fun, a learning experiance, and makes us realize how tricky weather can be.
Thanks Mike,for letting us know what we might be facing in a day or so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for the blog. It will be interesting to watch this developing storm and see if ends up tracking further north and west as many of the past storms have done this winter.

Anonymous said...

I was not able to watch to news last night, so I cant answer the question, I think that an El Nina typically can be around for 9-12 months and can last well into spring! With The the clash of temps., I wonder if were are going to be in for a very stormy, wet spring, Is it the El nino that causes the droughts?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the storm is going to track right up the Ohio River to me. That means that we will get a pretty good snow here! The atmosphere is already moisture laden so everything looks right about this storm. Also, looks like there is plenty of cold air to work with to keep it all snow. Just hope we don't get dry-slotted!I understand though that there will be a really sharp cut off point between North/South. Like the North point will get 1 inch and the South point will get 4 inches. I hope we are in the South point!....Ron