Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What A Difference A Week Makes!

One Week Ago At WLFI

We were measuring snow at over one inch per hour last week, but March it is known for its ups and downs and things are certainly looking up with highs making it up near 50 by Wednesday and closer to 60 on Thursday! Put away the snow shovels for the next few days and head to the park. I took my own advice and had a great time with Lauren today!

Notice there were only a few patchy areas of snow left with the patch of white on the far right our dog BJ. This will help temperatures climb above average beginning Wednesday for at least a few days. It will even feel like April by Thursday with highs pushing 60. Join me tonight for your grill out forecast and the answer to everybody's weather question of the day:

Will it stay warm for good?

I think most of us Hoosiers know the answer. I will catch up on posting some great stuff here ASAP. I also understand the crocuses are up...and I am looking for pictures. Please send them in if you can. Okay the answer to the blog question. It usually does not stay warm in Indiana until after Mother's Day which is usually in the middle of May! We have even had frosts here in Late May. So I am sorry to burst anybody's Spring bubble. The latest jet stream forecast for late week does show a big dip in it which will usher in a chance of light snow by Saturday.

This is the same jet stream responsible for bringing us our 4th snowiest winter and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This is why I am so concerned about our severe weather season. It will add plenty of spin to our storms and that is something to be concerned about.

This brings us to the tornado sirens. I had lots of correct answers and great answers! I wish all my viewers knew that tornado sirens are for outdoor use only and meant to warn farmers and outdoor workers of a danger to life and property. It is not just used during tornadoes nor does it mean a tornado has been confirmed or sighted. It means to get inside and tune to your local media and weather radio for the latest information.

That brings me to why I am still at work past 2 a.m. tonight. We have all-new basemaps coming in for our Live Doppler 18 that will be able to track storms with street-level mapping. The accuracy is within one block and with the click of the button I will be able to tell you what street or neighborhood threatening weather is taking place. This is cutting edge stuff that should help keep you and your family safe. It will also be the fastest doppler radar available to residents in Lafayette and this includes the National Weather Service. Time saves lives, but Live Doppler 18 is only part of keeping your family safe. Now it is your turn to make sure you have a family plan and workplace plan in place.

Tomorrow on the blog....sandhill cranes and swimming wolves will be our next signs of Spring. Will we be able to see the Space Shuttle too? See you on the tube and blog!

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Anonymous said...

Our crocuses are up about 1 1/2 inch and our seudm is budding a bit,also. I will try to get pics!!! Keep the Spring coming!!!