Monday, March 10, 2008

Oscar Turns into a Blizzard East of Us, Now Get Ready for the Warmest Four Days in Four Months on the Way

Conquering Mt. Muskegon Snowbank

I am just getting back in town from Michigan and I have never, ever seen snow banks that tall! Drifts were up to rooftops and taller than 30 foot trees. You see I made it to the top of this snowbank. It is good to be home and with plenty of good news for Spring weather lovers after a very chilly weekend. Speaking of the weekend, how about that Oscar! We named the storm Oscar on Thursday night and knew it would have the potential of turning into a blizzard somewhere east of us in the Midwest and it did! In fact, just 60 miles southeast of Indianapolis in Milan, they had 14 inches of snow and blizzard conditions. So here in Lafayette we missed the blizzard by a mere 120 miles. This is why I have this blog to warn you of something like this days in advance just in case a storm blows up like this one did. It would have been a record-breaker for us and given us our snowiest season on record, but I think most of us are happy with all of the snow we have had. It was the second biggest snowstorm on record for Dayton! But in Cincinnati it brought back memories of the 1970s as you see below.

Courtesy of Heather Gockerman

My cousin Heather sent this picture in and even though I was a couple states away I made sure to warn her of Oscar the night before it hit. She was amazed at the snow and really this storm was the biggest to hit Cincinnati since the Blizzard of 1978. Freckles her dog seemed to enjoy the snow as you see below.

Columbus, Ohio had 20 inches of snow and Oscar stretched down into the deep south with a record-breaking 18 inches of snow in Arkansas and at least 8 tornadoes across North Florida. What a winter!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike :-)
We really need QUIET weather for awhile, LOL! Back in Feb 1976 we had drifts across US#24 between Goodland and I-65 where only one lane was open. One car at a time had to go through the drifts and you could not see over the top of them. I was not taking wx pics then...before digital days, LOL!
Can't wait to see those pics.