Friday, March 14, 2008

Non-Named Storm System Scoots South

Mackerel Sky Over WLFI on Wednesday

What is a mackerel sky? Well it is named this because the altocumulus and cirrocumulus clouds look like king mackerel fish scales. The old weather proverb states,"Mares’ tails and mackerel scales make tall ships take in their sails."

Does this mean nature is ready to knock the wind out of our sails again? Not this time. Even though these fish scales indicate the approach of a warm front and in the Spring and Summer can be a sign of severe thunderstorms, I just do not see that happening. We do not have enough moisture and instability. The latest maps in this morning do have a lot of large hail reports in Arkansas, but this system will be taking a southern route not allowing that deep moisture to make it into Lafayette.

So my final verdict for us is a NON-NAMED storm. We of course named last weekend's storm Oscar which turned into a blizzard and brought 14 inches of snow just 60 miles southeast of Indianapolis. We used the "O" as the first letter because it was our 15th mid-latitude cyclone of the year. This warranted a naming of it even for us because it was such a big storm and hitting so close to home. This is in stark contrast with today's low pressure system or mid-latitude cyclone which will bring only a few light rain showers. Most of us will end up with less than a quarter-inch of rain. The pressure on this system is still has an unimpressive pressures above 1000mb.

So in essence this means our Friday should be mainly dry and we will have highs back in the 50s. Another cold front arrives tonight which could bring back a bit of a chill. I will have more on this tonight. But for now Storm Philberta will have to wait until at least next Tuesday for us and it looks like it will be a thunderstorm producer for us. Philberta was named by Teri in Lafayette and means "very brilliant". It also means able to outwit and keenly cunning. I will keep this in mind next week and will be ready for Philberta. But for now you have a brilliant weekend and keep on running!
I finished my long run on Wednesday at just over 18 miles. Yes, this great weather has inspired me. Here are the race links you have been waiting for starting with the United Way Race on May 31st. I look forward to seeing you out there!

The Zoo Run Run At Columbian Park last July

It is the day after the full moon in July! I will also see you there on Saturday, July 19th.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I am pleased that you chose to name our next storm Philberta! It was fun looking up female names that started with the letter "P", I chose Philberta for the meaning of the name, seems to fit how a La Nina works. Hopefully the name wont need to be used for awhile! Storm #16!

Your blog is a pleausre, we enjoy everyday!

Thank you for all of your wonderful updates on the wild weather we have had!

Good luck, in your running, you do our community a great service!