Friday, March 21, 2008

Give Credit to My Parents...A Great Friday with Highs Hitting 60!

I told my Mom and Dad to bring warm weather and sunshine from Florida and sure enough they came through for us! I forecasted highs in the middle 50s with late day rain showers, but with the bonus sunshine we have hit 60 in Lafayette. But do not get too excited, it is March and it will turn cold with a few snow flurries once again by Saturday morning. If you drive just two hours north roads are icy and over a foot of snow is possible just north of Chicago. So make sure to take care heading North. We will not have any accumulations or bunny tracks so the Easter Bunny should deliver on time! Here is a nice little write-up sent in by Richard Beetle for you here on this Easter Weekend.

I Believe this bunny won`t have any problems delivering Easter baskets in northern Indiana.
He weighs in at 22 pounds and measures a little over 3 feet. He is a breed of rabbit called German giant (how appropriate!). This is his owner, Hans Wagner, struggling to hold him up for the NY Post article:
We don't feed him an unusual diet said Wagner. He goes through more than his brothers and sisters, but he eats the same food mix. His food is actually lettuce. He can never get enough of it.

Thanks Richard! That has to be one of the biggest rabbits I have ever seen and I am sure he will be helping out the Easter Bunny when he tries to hop through the foot of snow in Wisconsin. I will check back with you soon! Have a great day and be safe if you are traveling!


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
What a weird start to spring. On Friday night we had lighting and a thunder and then we wake up on Saturday and its snowing. I keep saying this could only happen in Indiana. Have a Good Easter.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your mom and dad!!! Have a WONDERFUL Easter holiday!

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! however, it looks more like Christmas out there!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and can enjoy Sping Break!