Monday, September 3, 2007

Thanks for Another Great Year at the MDA Telethon

What a great day it was and before I go to bed tonight I wanted to make sure I thank you for all your support at the MDA Telethon. It has become a proud tradition at WLFI and I cannot believe I have taken part in this for almost 10 years. It certainly has become a wonderful part of my life and the great part is that each year we seem to have better news to share with you and it starts with all your contributions.

Kathryn Dolan, Seth Conley, Sue Scott, Gina Quattrocchi, and Jeff Smith did a stellar job and they certainly should be put up on our star board as some of this community's shining stars. Locally, over 319,000 dollars was raised which was about 40,000 dollars more than last year. What is raised locally, stays local which is even more rewarding. Nationally, close to 64 million dollars was raised compared to about 61 million dollars last year. The firefighters across our great country were the biggest contributors and here locally we can be very proud that our firefighters that raised well over 100,000 dollars. They are certainly our heroes in more ways than one. For those that gave much smaller contributions we thank you too! Every little bit does add up and help as we are certainly coming close to a cure for not just a few of the neuromuscular diseases, but all 40 of them.

I constantly rave about this very giving community we live in and today was a great example of why. You should have seen all the hard work put forth by the volunteers behind the scenes and I cannot thank Purdue enough for the first-class staff and facilities that helped make today possible. Tomorrow, I will make sure to share some pictures with you. Have a wonderful night. I certainly will sleep good thanks to all your support.

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