Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First Snowflakes of the Season for Colorado Means More 90s for Us!

Just when you thought we were done tallying the 90 degree days, nature comes back once more with some heat, and maybe historically hot weather. I think we could reach 30 days above 90 degrees before all is said and done. Since I do not like this type of weather I have focused on other things.

How about the Redskins and Joe Gibbs being undefeated after winning last night in Philadelphia! But what I am most excited about are the first snowflakes of the season being reported in Colorado. Latest reports out of Breckinridge are that they have received at least 1 to 3 inches of snow. This is at least a couple weeks early for ski resorts out west that are still a good 7 weeks away from opening up the ski lifts.

Wild weather also impacted Mom and Dad in Jacksonville, Florida. They were drenched with close to 8 inches of rain and I made sure to check on them. Yes, they are doing just fine! I told them I did not send them all that rain and that they need to share some of it with us, because we are drying out once again here in Lafayette. They at least did not have a hurricane, but unfortunately once the system that brought them all that rain moves out over the bath waters of the Gulf of Mexico it could develop into something worth watching. The bad hurricane season is really just getting started and you can blame it on a developing La Nina or cooler than average Pacific Ocean temperatures. It is already starting to play havoc with the weather all across the country.

Here in Lafayette, La Ninas are known to bring unusually warm and dry weather as we head into fall. Ding! Ding! Ding! As if right on cue we are stuck in a summer pattern with very little rain expected at least until the middle of next week. We are in a holding pattern with a July-like jet stream and a big low pressure spinning to our West. This low pressure will literally be stuck in place through at least early next week and with the counter-clockwise rotation around it we will be on the warm side of the storm and you will feel certainly feel it. You stay cool and I will see you soon!

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