Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weather No Longer an After-Thought By Late Week

It has been way too quiet in the world of weather here in the Midwest and we can trace this all the way to the tropics. Low pressure in the low latitudes tends to build huge slow-moving high pressure areas in the Midwest. Even though it is quiet here at home it will be a historic day in the tropics and the world of weather. It will be the first time we have had two category five hurricanes make landfall in the same season and it will be the first time we had two hurricanes make landfall in the same day since 1949. Here is a shot of the monster Felix above. Luckily it is moving into lesser populated areas of Mexico that have evacuated.

It is a good thing it has been quiet though because we had a banner year at the MDA Telethon. Here are those pictures you have been waiting for! I wanted to start with just a couple of the many great volunteers that help out year in and year out. You see Jenny Lantz to my left and Regina Lewis to my right. Their warm smiles greet me every year and it make a huge difference not only to me, but everybody involved with the MDA telethon. You can also see the Harrison high school band below that won the unofficial award for best cheer of the day!
Here was the Monday crew from WLFI that was really honored to take part in the event. Sunday night was also one of the best ever thanks to Gina and Jeff. Once I find a picture of them I will make sure to post it. Here a few more pictures you may enjoy. Thanks again for all your support. It was certainly the highlight of my year along with the blizzard!

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