Friday, September 28, 2007

Nature "Boilers Up" This Weekend With Summer's Big Comeback

The electricity is in the air! We are not talking about lightning but it is time for Purdue and Notre Dame. The weather looks fabulous. But you may actually want to take a sweatshirt AND shorts to the game. You can see why above. The air is very dry and with plenty of sunshine and a south wind kicking up tomorrow, the temperatures will literally skyrocket. Expect those blue skies you see above in the picture. The forecast high of 80 degrees or above is very important. During the regular season the Boilermakers under Coach Tiller have won more than 80% of their games when temperatures reach 80 degrees or above. Two of Purdue's last 4 victories against the Irish had temperatures of 80 degrees or above. So there you have it. Things are looking good weatherwise and otherwise.

Keeping with the theme: You can see we have already had about an extra months worth of 80s this year. Tomorrow, expect our 113th day of 80 or above. You will also want to take your sunscreen with a sunburn possible in as little as 30 minutes. It may be late September but you can still get a sunburn, especially when you are sitting in the stands. So don't come crying to me if you get a sunburn, I tried to warn you.

The last thing you think you will need tomorrow is the sunscreen because tonight will actually turn chilly with lows in the lower to middle 40s. But it is just an autumn tease due to a meandering jet stream. The more twists and turns in the jet stream the more our weather resembles a rollercoaster.

Talk about a rollercoaster, we will have temperatures surge upward about 35 degrees on Saturday. In one day it will certainly feel like two seasons. One of the big reasons this autumnal weather pattern was so brief is that the real cold weather is still well up near the North Pole. These chilly air masses can quickly modify this time of year. Here is a cool picture of Barrow, Alaska from yesterday where they had their first snowfall of the season.

Where's the snow you ask? It melted by the end of the day. So even well up north on the Arctic Sea the real cold weather still hasn't settled in. This is a sign for us that real autumn weather may not arrive and stick around for very long until November this year. I still like our chances for an early snowstorm despite autumn having a slow start! Our September was like August and now our October will be like September. The crazy weather year continues that is for sure not just in Lafayette but north of the Arctic Circle. Have a great weekend and enjoy the football game. We have the right weather and players in place. Go Boilers!

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