Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of Pre-School Brings Last 90 Degree Day This Year

It was a great day yesterday. Lauren had her first day of school yesterday and she did not miss a beat. She got to school and went right to work. She even took after her Dad by coloring a weather picture. Lauren was so at ease and comfortable Julie and I did not get as emotional as we thought we would. She made it easy on everybody, but she may have liked school a little too much. When it was time to pick her up, she did not want to leave and her teachers had to carry her out to me. Talk about strong and independent, that is Lauren. I am certainly proud of her!

Weatherwise, nature is ready for a new beginning as well after going to the beat of its own drum with our 28th day of 90 degrees or above yesterday. This just about doubles our yearly average of just 16 days of 90 or above. Last year we had only sixteen 90 degree days. The calendar is finally catching up to this persistent, relentless hot pattern that has taken over our lives.

As you can see in the graph above, climatologically we are now done with the hottest part of our year which falls between June 1st and September 1st, which is also called meteorological summer. Meteorological fall officially began on Saturday and runs through November 30th. It will finally feel like autumn by the middle of next week with highs struggling to near 70. You can thank the shorter daylight hours.
If you have noticed the sun is now setting about 70 minutes earlier each night. The shorter days are allowing chilly air masses to build to our north that can hold together much better and fight off our sultry weather. Even though we cannot rule out a couple of hot days later in the month, there is a good chance we will not see the 90s again until next year. Our average last 90 degree day in Lafayette is September 5th.

This cooler air rushing to the south, meeting the much warmer, tropical air sets up a battle zone or clash of seasons which will impact us over the next several days. So say goodbye to the sultry weather and get ready for rain and relief.The good news is that we are not expecting all day rains for those all-important plans for the weekend and we will also receive some much needed rain.

There have been tornadoes this morning in Missouri, but it looks like the main support that could spark severe weather here at home is quickly lifting up into Canada and while we could still have a thunderstorm or two, we only have about a slight chance of severe weather. Timing of rain will be tough with the tropics being so active. An east coast hurricane is still possible hearly next week, which will stall a front not far from home bringing waves of rain at times all the way through Wednesday! For those heading to the Colts game tonight a break in the rain is on the way. Join me for the latest on this tonight and more tailgate forecasts for Friday night Frenzy and the big Boilers game on Saturday. Have a great day!

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