Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rock- N- Roll Weather Pattern Just Getting Started!

Wow! What a chilly start it was this morning. It is hard to believe we actually made it up to 80 degrees in Lafayette after a morning low of 47. But you haven't seen anything yet! A strong jet stream which was actually giving some extra kick by a Pacific typhoon last week that hit Japan will roar our way ushing in some possible record lows by Saturday morning. We will have to put away the shorts and get out the hats with some 30s likely across the area. The wind should stay up enough so we will not have to worry about frost. But areas just outside Chicago could easily see some frost. This is what I call a rock n roll weather pattern. If you look at the map above you can see the potpourri of weather.

Today was also another historic day in the world of weather as Texas was rocked by Hurricane Humberto this morning. It will be known as one of the most rapidly intensifying systems ever near land before making landfall. It went from wind speeds of 35 mph at 10 a.m. Wednesday to 85 mph wind gusts by 3 a.m. last night. This system will impact our weather in an interesting way. It will gobble most of the available moisture in the atmosphere keeping us dry on Friday.

Speaking of interesting...Monty Sloan has more interesting news for us today! It snowed in the Northwest Territories and that same front is moving our way with possible record-breaking lows. Here is Monty's update for us:

Hi Mike

Yes, it is wonderful up here. Absolutely clear skies. No pollution, no particulates, no humidity and absolutely no lights! The only problem is clouds. It snowed this morning a bit, but it's not cold enough for anything to stick.

We have a clear night sky right now so I am hoping to get some more Aurora photos later tonight!

- Monty -

Yes, I am totally jealous. He is up near the tree line and even had some snow to boot! We need to give credit where its due and that is to Monty. He is sending us the freshest breezes of the season. Our weekend may be one of the nicest of the entire summer if you like crisp cool nights and sunny mild days. Thanks Monty!

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