Monday, September 17, 2007

Summer is Back! Hottest Finish to Summer in Almost 100 Years!

Courtesy of Richard Beetle

The sandbars on the wonderful Wabash River continue to grow. This means one thing. Our hot summer will be extended this year due to all the dry weather we have had. This is called the "desert-effect" which allows the sun's energy to go directly into heating the earth instead of evaporating soil moisture which tends to slow warming.

It has been a summer that we all we remember for hot and dry weather not just here at home but all over the United States. It was a record-breaking summer with over 2,000 record highs and of course the drought that moved as far east as Howard and Miami Counties.

If you have loved the summer of 2007 so far, you will love this forecast. After having lows dip in the upper 30s over the weekend we will be surging upward more than 50 degrees this week with near record highs close to 90 by Sunday. I think we could break record highs set as far back as 1908 which is nothing to sneeze about. I will have more on this tonight on the news. See you soon and have a great day!

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