Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lilacs & Trees Confused By July Pattern that is Here to Stay

Why are these lilacs that are only supposed to be blooming in the spring, blooming once again in September? Why are our leaves changing a couple of weeks early in many areas? I will have these answers in more coming up on the newscast and here on the blog.

We all know the story of how hot and dry it has been this summer. This adds a ton of stress not only on farmers and humans, but plants and animals. Trees tend to turn much earlier than normal and lose their leaves weeks earlier than they should causing a dull fall season. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has already reported many bare trees because of their scorching hot and desert-like summer. Here at home we still have a chance for a semi-decent fall foliage season but we will need to pick up our rainfall in a hurry. Here is the latest maps that show how the leaves are doing throughout much of the Midwest.

Here in Lafayette I think we will have peak color close to October 21st this year so we have a long way to go. Bring on the rain...and soon!

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