Friday, September 14, 2007

One for the Books this Weekend! Weatherlicious in Time for Your Big Plans!

Courtesy of Lynn and Kandy Teal

There is no sugar-coating this forecast for the weekend. It looks absolutely outstanding. This is the weather so many folks look forward to during the year. It really doesn't get much better than heading to Big 10 football games in crisp, refreshing air that moves in from Canada. It is also that time of year again for the Brookston Apple-Popcorn Festival. This year apparently there is not just a car show and apple bobbing, but a best legs contest for men. Pretty interesting! It is not true that I am partaking in the event. So you need not worry about this, you can still plan on going out for a fun time without being scared by rain or me. :) Just enjoy the great weather and delicious food.

Now I know there will be a lot of celebrating this weekend with all the events going on with some of the best weather of the entire summer, but make sure to be careful if you are camping and burning anything. We have a moderate fire danger in our viewing area. Normally fire season begins October 1st, but this year of course has been drier than normal since late April. Have fun, but just be careful.

Speaking of being ahead of schedule, how about what happened late last night in Minnesota. It snowed! There were just a few snow flurries near Lake of the Woods and even by Minne"snow"ta standards that is impressive! The same weather front that brought in the early snowflakes to Minnesota will move our way today with no snow, but plenty of chilly breezes and falling temperatures this afternoon into the 60s. So get out the jackets for Friday night Frenzy. The latest maps have frost as close to home as just West of Chicago as you can see above! We will be spared this time around because even though skies will clear out with a polar high pressure moving in we do not the light winds necessary to allow for frost. Remember the wind stirs the atmosphere up and allows warmer air to mix to the surface not allowing the frost to form.

But even though we are missing out on the frost, I do believe this weekend will be one for the books, not only because of our splendid weather, but because we could actually set a record low temperature tonight that was set in 1923 when it dropped to 40 degrees. It will depend on the wind being light enough for this to happen, but I stick my neck out there and will forecast a low of 39. Now this is my kind of weather! Now do not get used to this autumn weather, we do have a warm front pushing this crisp air out as early as Sunday afternoon when we will see temperatures back in the 70s. We will not stop there, I still think we could be near 90 by the middle of next week with humidity! Now you know why I love living in Indiana, it is a meteorologists haven for great changeable weather. Next week we will take a closer look at the La Nina pattern moving in for the autumn and winter and how this will impact our weather. One thing does look likely and that is the wild swings we are going to have in temperatures this week may set the tone for the remainder of this year into next year. Have a great weekend and enjoy your weekend. I will finally be able to go out in public again after last weekends deluge. Take care and thanks for reading.

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