Monday, September 24, 2007

Celebrating Birthdays & Summer's Last Big Splash

Courtesy of the Pearson Family


We had our pool refurbished for the summer of 07 and WOW! what a summer it has been!lookin at Anissa, just 1 of my 4 daughters enjoying the extended summer like temps{in black strips} with her friends from vinton school,a last summer splash in the back yard!picture was taken round 6:30 pm mon 9-24-2007 evening just before dad got the grill going.
Mike, keep the hot days rollin,lol.

Mark Pearson{Dad}

Can you believe it? This looks like a scene out of Florida in late September, not Lafayette, Indiana. The place to be is certainly Mark's house since all the pools have already been closed for a few weeks, hopefully you have a friend with a pool. Get out the rafts and enjoy!

Here are the official high temperatures on Monday! We did it!

If we are going to be this hot this late in the season, we might as well set or tie a record. Well we are certainly in the books after today. Here in Lafayette we tied a 99 year old record high set way back in 1908! This is one of the oldest record highs on the books for Lafayette, Indiana. So what we did today was quite an accomplishment. Do you realize Lafayette's official records date back to 1896 and with over 40,500 official days on the books we broke one of the oldest record highs of all-time. Lafayette's oldest official record still standing today was set on April 29, 1901 with a high of 85 degrees. It may be time to print up some new t-shirts. Stay tuned.

Last but not least I would like to wish Shelli Krings a Happy Birthday. She is my sister-in-law that lives in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. She actually reads this blog a lot and as a result I always make sure it has something new and fun on it! You can thank her. My daughters certainly have the best aunt in the world not only because she works at Osh Kosh B'Gosh and helps a ton with clothes, but how much fun she is just to be around not just on all the big family holidays, but throughout the year. Shelli will certainly have a Happy Birthday this year thanks to the Packers big win against the Chargers. Speaking of partys, her neice or my daughter Lauren had a big birthday bash with her friends on Sunday. We usually celebrate her actual birthday which is Thursday several times before, during, and after the date. Don't ask me why. I think it was introduced into my family thanks to all of our Wisconsin relatives. You now know how fun her aunt Shelli is. It is a cheesehead tradition. I think it can be a good tradition for years to come, since it does not put too much pressure on one day. This is exactly why my wife and I started celebrating Valentines Day on Groundhog Day so it could truly be special. Now that this confirms I have a crazy family it is time to show some pictures. Here was Lauren's "gymnastics" birthday party as you can see below!

Caroline and Lauren having a great time!

It was also a Dora birthday party and I even enjoyed the Dora cake...cha cha it is time to celebrate some real relief and beneficial rainfall back in the forecast. Get out the party hats, classic autumn weather is on the way. It could be a bumpy ride to get there so make sure to tune in and check back here on the blog for more tomorrow.

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