Friday, September 7, 2007

Blue Thursday Turns into Stormy Friday

While we watch TV we would occasionally check the Live Doppler 18 Radar channel to see where the storms were located. Our cat seems to have an infatuation with the Radar sweep line as it moves around the screen but it also looks like she is seeing the red an yellow echo’s and saying “man it look’s like it is coming right towards us".

-Jeff Teal

Thanks for sending that great picture in Jeff. It is appropriate for today. It looks like nature is blitzing us with some more storms in time for the weekend and it could rain cats and dogs at times for the next few days.

At least it was a great night last night for the Colts with a 41-10 whipping of New Orleans and my fantasy football team racked up 61 points in only one night. But this ride in la la land is now over and nature is trying to whip up some showers and thunderstorms just in time for the weekend. Blue Thursday lived up to all the hype and more, but it is always hard to outdue nature in Indiana. Yes, I know an incredible 54 of 78 days so far this summer have been dry, but nature always seems to bring in tricky weather in time for Friday night frenzy and high school football. The Storm Prediction Center does have us in a slight risk area for a few strong thunderstorms. I think the best chance of this happening for us would be this afternoon and early evening. I will be manning Live Doppler 18 as usual and that is right make sure to tune in for the latest on where the storms are and where they are moving. I will make sure you and your pets are covered.

The good news is that the sultry haze over the area should be kicked out of the area by this stormy front. Kim sends in a rare picture of a red ring around the sun at sunrise in Montmorenci on Wednesday. This means the atmosphere is primed for rain. The ring is caused by haze particles which are perfect condensation nucleii for raindrop formation. There are also plenty of dust particles for raindrops to condense on in our atmosphere with our dust bowl conditions that have redeveloped over the area. Now do not panic just yet. I am talking about all this rain, but our weekend plans are NOT doomed. Here is why.

We will have occasional waves of rain develop along this front and all the maps are showing the front stalling out south of Lafayette. This is because a tropical system off the East Coast will take its time getting its act together. So this means even though we will have rain at times this weekend there will be plenty of dry hours, including a mainly rain-free Purdue game. You can take your ponchos, but any rain should be brief and isolated, so we can Boiler up in style! I also think the better chance of rain on Saturday will be at night. But for Friday night Frenzy here is what it may look like at times. We will not be so lucky.

Here is what it looked like at the McCutcheon-Zionsville game a couple weeks ago when we had a few cancellations and plenty of delayed games due to lightning. Tonight I think any lightning in the area should be mainly before 8 p.m and we stilll cannot rule out a gusty storm or two. The cloud cover we have had through most of the day should help us. We will likely have rain showers even after 8 p.m. so make sure to bring the umbrellas and as always I will keep you updated on Live Doppler 18. Football in the rain is always lots of fun and it is what I call real football weather.

Now speaking of fun here is a great picture of our morning meteorologist, Kelly Greene. Her fantasy football team name is the Mean Weather Girl Greene and in honor of Mean Joe Greene who used to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers she put on a uniform..I of course am the F-5 tornadoes. But do not worry, no tornadoes are expected in our weather this weekend....just on the field in our fantasy football league. Now I better make that trade with Kelly for Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars before its too late and of course get to work ahead of the storms. I will talk to you soon.

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